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2022 Reflections! How Life Took A Turn


We live and we learn to take
One step at a time
There’s no need to rush
It’s like learning to fly
Or falling in love🌸🌼

▶️any goals to accomplish in the last week of 2022?
2022!! Phew, when I look back I see myself as a clueless person who was in her bubble and when the bubble busted, I knew I have to pick up myself and start all over again. Pieces by piece I picked up myself and the journey has not been easy.

Haven’t I had a family who supports me, friends who came running to me on my one phone call and my parents who gave me time, this journey wouldn’t have been easier.

I am in a better space, I always say that. I am grateful for all the opportunities I get, the people I work with and the lessons each one of them teaches me.

2022 has been a learning year and the most important lesson I learned is to go with the flow and keep yourself first. Focus on your health first and spend time with your family and friends.

While I came across many reads, Shiv Shakti by Anita Rajani tops my list. This book came as a surprise and became part of my life.

Dear 2022, thank you for teaching me the most important lesson of life. When I was at my worst and still balanced my imperfect world.

Grateful to have each one of you as part of my journey.

🌻You will be alone at the end so learn to enjoy your own company.

🌻Be grateful for every hurdle you face, that’s how you learn you get up and face the challenge.

🌻Enjoy every moment with your loved ones. But make sure you take out time for yourself

🌻 Be where you feel happy.

🌻sink in with the flow but till you feel it’s alright.

🌻 sometimes you have to walk alone, let others walk alone, you don’t need to hold the hand every time.

🌻Everyone has their own story, be willing to listen to them.

🌻most importantly, embrace the growth and make yourself happy first.

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