Its Okay to be Busy!

At the end, when She’s fighting to achieve her goals, when there’s everyone who tells her you are busy, Always!
Yes, She’s busy fulfilling her dreams, she’s busy achieving her goals, She’s busy making her parents proud! She’s Busy learning new things, She’s busy expanding her kingdom,
Because sometimes, the KING is women.

A strong Soul
with number of thoughts,
Chaos in Mind,
Spare time? She won’t find!

Do not conform, Grow
when comes about Passion, Her eyes Glow!
Chasing her dreams, thinking something new,
Every coming day, reaching her dreams she had a new view.

Hard work and success she wants it all,
Always gets up, every time she falls.
She’s the one who don’t stop talking
though alone, not afraid of walking

Fulfilling her wishes, Hurried to fulfill all her Goals,
She’s the girl playing many roles.
At Night when Darkness makes a Call,
She’s there with smile, there’s nothing that can let her fall!

She decides to spread good vibes, with lots of inspiration and Hope, she wear that contagious smile that spreads happiness all around! Being BUSY isn’t bad, it’s just not finding time for self, though it’s Worth.
It’s good to be Busy!

Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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