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Reasons to read My life I decide by Rinku Sawhney – #BlogchatterA2z Challenge.

Rinku Sawheny is a Success Coach. She has developed some powerful and result oriented strategies, which have helped her participants create more success and fulfillment in all the areas of their lives.

Thousands of people have used her principles to boost their wealth, deepen their relationships, get clarity on their life’s purpose, and connect with their inborn gifts and more.
For over 10 years Rinku has helped over 5000 people
Form different walks of life to create massive transformations in their personal and professional lives.
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The 19 Ideas, The innovative exercises and life-changing stories, the author shares the reasons which become roadblocks in our life and how we can change ourselves.
An encouraging read with an engaging writing style and crisp narration makes this book more interesting. The way she explained the concepts is amazing. One can relate to each concept that the author explained. Her ideas help an individual to excel in their personal and professional life.
There are so many quotes, lines that you’ll love. It empowers one to find their best possible self. It felt like we are talking to a friend. Take your own time, Read and apply each and everything that the author says. It will change your way of thinking.
Sharing some quotes, Lines that are my favourite.
1: You get back what your mind puts out, like a Boomerang.
Isn’t it true? Everything happens when we decide to make it happen, whatever we think. The author tells about Secret Saboteur here. How we are unable to live the life we desire because we do not know how our mind works. The author tells about the skill of Mastering the Self.
2: The Power of Questions.
Isn’t it a powerful way to reach solutions? How it can be a game-changer. Here the author tells about how questions trigger our brain and encourage us and give us a new set of insights.
The Parle G tagline curiosity se badi koi school nahi always comes to our mind whenever we hear a word curiosity, isn’t it? Here, the author asks us to ask questions to our brain and find answers to our questions. How we should replace ‘nothing’ with something affirmative.
3: What we choose to endure and tolerate in our lives is also a decision.
Every Decision has the power to influence and change our lives. It has a force that determines the quality and direction of our life. The author asks us to ask ourselves two questions that will have an impact on our lives.
4: We choose not to act.
The author talks about opportunities here. How we miss many opportunities and later think about it. Opportunities knock at our door once and if we choose not to grab them, they will go knock at someone else’s door.
5: Decision making.
Decisions are difficult because we predict the future, isn’t it? Here the author also tells about the decision making process. The questions that the author asked us to ask ourselves will give us clarity and help in making a decision.
6: Fear rob us from our Dreams.
How we are not able to do many things because of our fear. The Fear of Rejection, Giving up Goals after we experience a failure. The author tells us about how failure can improve our performance.
7: How to stay motivated?
The author shares the eight ways that are effective in keeping us motivated. How we have to take charge of our own lives and change our lives.
From claiming your power to learning to let go, From how to deal with negative people, to vent out the negativity. From living the moment to taking responsibilities, the author explained it all crisply and effectively.
The stories, Examples shared by the author are inspiring which will change our life.
P.S -The text in bold are from the book which gave me a new way of thinking.

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