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Reasons to read Happy for No reason by Mandira Bedi. – #BlogchatterA2Z challenge

From Shanti to  Kyuki Saas bhi kabhi Bahu thi, from Fear factor to Khatroon ke Khiladi and then hosting duties for ICC Cricket World Cups in the years 2003 and 2007 and the Champions Trophies in the years 2004 and 2006 as well as the Indian Premier League season 2 for Sony Max. She fronted the coverage of IPL season 3 for the British Network – ITV. She debuted as a fashion designer during Lakme Fashion Week 2014 with her saree collection.

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From a well known Television face to a Fitness influencer, Mandira Bedi has always being part of our lives. An inspiring personality that motivates many of us.

And through her book Happy for No reason by Mandira Bedi published by Penguin India is inspiring the readers. From her gym routine to playlists, from diet to things that we must be happy for. This book has it all.

With simple language and engaging writing style, she added a few stories too which keeps her going.

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Here are some Quotes, Lines that changed my perspective towards life, the reasons to read this book:

1: Happy for No reason.

Just Pure Happiness without any reason because it’s Never too late.

I loved how she explained how ‘Should’ is a very big problem and how you find a solution if replaced with ‘Could’. How should is like an obligation with a burden of correctness and the need to do something perfectly. 

Whereas, Could opens up opportunities, making us more compassionate towards ourselves and let us make relevant choices.

I loved this part. How replacing these words in our life that can change our way of thinking. The time when she was selected for the Fear factor.

2: The art of Letting Go.

Letting go of expectations and be able to focus on doing the work Instead. 

One of the important lessons I learned here, to not let excuses stop you, because the point is ‘irrespective of what gets us there, the challenge is to stay there’. 

Stay focused on what you love, keep doing it with all your heart, because once you see the results, there’s no looking back after that. 

3: It’s never too late nor impossible to keep working when you’re pregnant.

Mommies reading this, Pat your back, you are doing a great job. I loved how she explained her Pregnancy journey. Just perfect.

The mind will always try to sort everything into safe boxes and find a way to create doubts in one’s own abilities.

If one has unshakable faith in the natural order, there is no limit to what we can achieve in this lifetime. ‘I can accept failure… but I can’t accept not trying.

Another part that I loved the most. These lines motivate me to work more and more… It’s never too late to love yourself. From self-love to working hard, From Gratitude to happiness this book has it all.

4: Love yourself First.

‘Loving yourself is not vanity, it is sanity’

Here, she explained about her career, her choices. How she worked on her brand, her challenges on social media, honesty in relationships, how important communication is, about Self- commitment everything is wonderfully explained.

The moment we put things out there in the world, it compels us to stay honest with ourselves.

We all need to find our own way to bring out best in ourselves. that is our offering back to this beautiful gift of life, it all starts with self-love.

This chapter is my favourite, How social media keeps her going, it’s about her therapy about her anger issues and her four affirmations.

– Thank you, sorry, I love you.

– Gratitude with love, grace.

– I am worthy, capable of love.

– I am enough for myself.

Do not forget to read these interesting affirmations.

5: Learn to Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything.

Total acceptance can come only where there is total self-realization, one is out of this push-and-pull game of acceptance and rejection for good.

Another favourite chapter where she tells about types of hope. Our expectations and reality. It has some awesome examples and stories.

Acceptances does not make one a passive bystander.

6: Sailing the Partnership is important

Here she shares about her relationship with family, her Husband. How being a known face has its own struggles, How they built their home and how she came up with her own label.

7: How it’s better to Keep it Real

Here she formulates a list to understand the qualities that are the hallmark of a person with authenticity according to her observations.

Another favourite chapter of mine. It teaches a lot. it tells us how important true friends are. Friends who tell, if we lose a plot are the real friends.

She shares her story, fears and facts here and about her son Vir.

8: The perfect Fitness handbook

This is a treasure for all fitness lovers. A perfect guide. She shares her routine, how to keep going, and what keeps her going. From things to watch out for to her routine. From the workout songs to Workout Regime to Happy food. Everything is explained in interestingly.

9: To Let Go. Let God.

Here she explains the art of letting go. Let go of the EGO. There is a list of things, you can let go. One of the most inspiring para from the book followed by a song.

10: It teaches Gratitude.

One of my favourite chapter from the book. A chapter that I love. The way she explains this chapter is just commendable. 

With inspiring quotes, examples, stories, songs, It’s an inspiring book that gives us a sneak peek to her life. 

P.S -The text in bold are from the book which gave me a new way of thinking.

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