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The Blue Eagle by Sharada Kolluru : Book Review

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Author: Sharada Kolluru

Writing Style


With a witty and engaging writing style, the author captures the reader’s interest. A beautiful book that takes us to Italy, Myanmar and India.



Dear listeners, you too should never give up your dreams. Keep chasing them until you achieve.•

•It’s cool if you don’t follow the etiquette. What matters is your attitude.”•

We have come across many books with Parallel plots and this book is no different except the way the author explained life in 3 countries. Yes, you read it right, get ready to witness the life and wine yards in Italy, Myanmar’s Politics and the land of love, India.

The Blue Eagle by  is a fun and interesting read filled with twists. It’s a journey of Neil Randhawa and Moe Khaw Somani who met at Delhi Police Station. What brings them here? Inspector Kanwar Singh is in charge of these cases. What made him help and adore Moe and Neil?

It all starts with a quest to find The Blue eagle. Well, I loved the storyline, it’s interesting and fun. I loved how the story was proceeding, creating suspense every bit.

It starts with Neil’s story followed by Moe’s story and their adventures in India. I liked how the author described the emotions. Be it between Neil and Rawa or Moe and her parents or the love between her parents. I liked how everything was beautifully portrayed by the author.

From the process of Winemaking to the reason Neil visiting India to his phobia, it’s a journey of trusting love. On the other side, the author shared about Myanmar’s politics, the love between Moe’s parents and their journey. Well, I found this a bit tedious, it was going good until there was too much information and unnecessary descriptions. Especially when I was curious about the present story.

With a witty and engaging writing style, the author captures the reader’s interest in the second half of the story. I loved Neil and Moe’s bond. How their opposite personality complemented each other. Another personality that I loved from the book was of inspector Kanwal Singh. I loved how he helped the kids.

Each character has a story to tell, a journey we must discover. I loved Moe’s sportiness and her personality more. There’s more witness. One could relate to the situations well. Be it Rawa’s story or Dr. Trilok’s story or Rhea’s story or Deepak and Sarayu’s story, we could witness the pain they went through.

The author beautifully weaved the tale of Love, Loss, realisations and Hope. From Neil’s charm to Moe’s Fun-loving Nature, the climax turned out to be as expected and surprising at the same time. It’s a smooth paced story and a bit heavy read that you are surely going to enjoy.

The mystery and adventures make this book more amazing. Loved how the events were taking place. The way the author sequenced is amazing. The shifting plots made me a bit tedious as I felt like going off track from the current story, but then the journey was worth witnessing.

Overall, it’s an interesting story with an impressive narration and intriguing writing style. Read it at your own pace and enjoy every bit of the story. Recommended for all those who love reading contemporary fiction especially for beginners.

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