To the Friend who left, I learned – #AtoZchallenge #BlogchatterA2Z

A Soul full of Sunshine

Dear Friend,

Thank you, for being part of my life, I learned from you. No, I am not saying you’re fake, You never were, but your friendship was fake.

People stay in the happy phase of your life, but Only a few stay in the bad phase of your life.

Having you by my side, I learned to accept the reality, that You should not trust everyone around you. You should not tell everything to everyone. 

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But I also came to know, to choose friends wisely next time. I forgot how I was there for you whenever you needed me, but when I called, I heard excuses for not talking to me.

Dear friend, I understand. I understand everyone is busy, but not every time. I am proud of myself that I was there whenever you needed me even when I was busy at that time. I was there to see your tears, to solve your problems, to just be there for YOU.

How can I forget how you disconnected my call when I needed you the most, Maybe because you wanted to talk to someone else or maybe you didn’t want to listen to me.

But friend, That’s Okay. Later I smiled because I was learning to know the truth. it’s okay that you were not there in my bad times.

You taught me to fight my own battle.

I smiled because I was the fool to be there every time, there for someone whom I trusted, who was never meant to stay forever.

You taught me to find a solution to the problem myself. You taught me that I can enjoy my own company and I don’t need anyone else. You taught me to choose wisely, not to get sad, or express it to someone who doesn’t care.

You taught me to trust Myself first and then you. You taught me to make myself understand that the world is full of selfish people.

You were, you are and you will always be the best part of my life. You were the lesson I will remember forever. And that I learned to accept.

I learned no matter how much you do, You’ll be replaced, you’ll be ignored and you’ll be kicked out of one’s life. BUT it’s OKAY. I am glad to be part of your life.

Dear friend, It’s not that I didn’t see you going away from me, I did, But then I gave you your time, and I accepted.

I am happy that you’re happy with your new connections. I hope with them you are there like you never were for me. I hope you listen to their problems rather than just telling your problems as you did it with me.

I hope this time you don’t run away from when you’ll find a new tribe. I hope this time your friendship is not fake. I hope this time you gel-up with people and learn that fakeness spoils the friendship.

Friendship is not about giving or taking, It’s about staying! staying real forever. Staying happy in each other’s Happiness.

— Your Friend. (Once a bestfriend)


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  1. ginia

    Everone has that one friend or friends who help to learn these valuable lessons. Separating fake from real is very important. But we should be grateful to them as they prevent us from repeating same mistakes.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      So truee

  2. Pamela Schmidlin

    WOW! If you need a now friend, as we kinda all do- although yes we need ourselves first and foremost- I guess the idea of helping ourselves first so we can help others better comes into mind here. And to help ourselves sometimes the disconnect is just something we need to do.

    I’ve been disconnected often, due to outside factors- different schedules, lives, etc…….sometimes interest, but I always came back to me. It’s harder without the connect BUT hey we are stronger than those who have those connects, no?!?!?!? We are the ones who truly lived and learned!

    1. vidhya thakkar


      1. Ujjwal mishra

        Generally people leave when needed most are the one who teach us more about life. And the best thing is to let them go. Great letter.

        1. vidhya thakkar

          Thank youuu

  3. Priyanka Nair

    Very true. Many would relate to it. lovely letter.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Thank youuu

  4. Roma

    That’s such a heartfelt letter, the real friend is the one who stays with you in thick and thin

    1. vidhya thakkar


  5. Aditi Kapur

    Can totally relate to this post ❤️

    1. vidhya thakkar

      hehe Thank Youuu

  6. Sonia Chatterjee

    Life’s the biggest teacher. Such a heartfelt letter that tugs at the readers heart.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Thank Youuuuu

  7. Debi Walter

    Such a valuable lesson. Some
    Friends are not meant to be forever friends. You’ve done well to keep the good and let the. As part of the friendship go.
    I had a best friend in high school tell me she could no longer be my friend and like that, she was gone. We reconnected decades later on FB. She reached out to me
    And I couldn’t believe it was true. She had lots of regrets in her life and losing me was one of them. She said there wasn’t a day that went by in her work (she taught high school math) that she didn’t think of our friendship and what it meant. She passed away unexpectedly a few years after we reconnected. I went to her funeral and mourned again the losing of a dear friend.
    You never know when they’ll return with regrets. I’m so glad to have had her a few more years a few more memories.
    Today would have been her 60th birthday. Thank you for posting. It made my day!

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Awww Thank youu so much maam

  8. Abhijit

    You have taken negative out of a relation and focussed on the positive that it did for you. This is great. It is like extracting poison out of a mixture and leaving only nectar.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Hehe thank youuu

  9. Hackytips

    Your post made me miss my best friends. Very much true! A friend in need is a friend indeed.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Thank youuu

  10. Supriya

    This is such a heartfelt letter. But being practical is a much needed thing. People come and go, and life doesn’t stop for anything or anyone. Go with the flow of life. Cheers

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Yesss so true

  11. Namratha

    Looks like that was a very difficult lesson

    1. vidhya thakkar


  12. Paul Taubman

    What a beautiful letter – it reminds me of the saying, “People Come Into Your Path For A Reason, A Season Or A Lifetime.”

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Thank youuu

  13. Elisa

    Oh, I have been there and it hurts when you finally realize a friendship is one sided. This is a beautiful tribute to a relationship that needed space or had to end. I think it is nice that you thank them for the lesson you learned from them because of their absence. The friends who are there for you in good times and bad and lift you up instead of putting you down are the true friends.

    1. vidhya thakkar


  14. Martha

    This letter hit the nail on the head with a few “friends” that I had. So true, we learn from everyone, even if we don’t realize it at first.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Yess so truee

  15. Puspanjalee Das Dutta

    Every word resonates truth. Every one of us has met a friend whose friendship was fake.

    Loved reading it, Vidya

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Thank youuu

  16. Manas Mukul

    It is always painful to lose friends and everyone shows their true color in our hard times. Keep learning. Heartfelt post.
    #ContemplationOfaJOker #Jokerophilia

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Thank youuu

  17. Shalini

    We all have gone through this, haven’t we! Great letter!

  18. Sudip Saha

    Such kind of incidents teach us an important lesson of life.

  19. Siddhi

    Babe, you brought forth that raw emotion! I am happy that they left because I learnt from them. Love this post.

  20. Suhasini

    Wow thats such a heart touching letter and you reminded me of my college days and the friends there

  21. Dola

    What a soulful letter. Sadly, not all friends can stay in out lives forever. Nice post; could connect to it :)

  22. Neha Sharma

    That’s a heart touching letter, Vidhya. Nobody is meant to stay with us forever, they come for a purpose & in that span teaches us lessons about life.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Thaankk youu

  23. Nazish Kondkari

    Every word i could feel here. Losing friends is most painful. Especially when you are in grave need of them.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Yesss thank you

  24. Vartika Gakhar

    Everyone comes in your life for a reason. Not all can stay forever but give us lessons for life.

    1. vidhya thakkar


  25. Trapti

    This is a very similar feeling;)

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