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Yesterday, Supriya shared her wisdom of being a woman through her post, “These Indian Female Bloggers Redefined Blogging“.


Today I take it ahead to my post  “Woman, Always Remember…”

When we needed care, she was there,
When we needed to manage finances, she was there,
When we were hungry, She was there,
When we cried, she was there to make us laugh,
When we were about to give up, she was there to tell us, Get up, Fight!
She’s the Strong, Powerful Woman!

Here’s my post dedicated to all the women, Always Remember…

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1: You’re Precious:

Yes, Not with all the sacrifices that you do, but with all the care, the struggle that you do. Always Remember… You’re Precious.

2: You’re Capable:

You’re capable to handle each and everything, Yes! Trust me, you’re reading it right! You’re capable to live for yourself, all by yourself.

3: You’re Powerful:

Woman, You’re Powerful. Pat on your back and say, yes! I completed the task; because You can do it and No one can stop You. You’re the CEO, you’re the head because You’re Powerful.

4: You’re Graceful:

Do I need to remind you that how gracefully you have carried that smile on your face in the middle of doing chores? or while you return home after office? Yes, Always remember… you’re graceful!

5: You’re the Fire:

You’re the fire of truth, anger and aspirations. you have the power to inspire millions of them! Put on your heels and rock the day!

6: You’re the motivation:

Have you seen how beautifully you motivate the people around you? with all the things that you are doing? Yes, You’re the motivation, stay like this, always smiling and inspiring.

7: You’re Strong:

You’re the leader, dealing with many things, handling everything, isn’t it? Do not give up. You’re born to rise. You’re strong enough to fight and win!

8:You’re Love:

You’re the one who binds everyone together. Like a beads necklace, Together, everything looks beautiful. You’re that knot of love!

9: You’re Loved:

Remember!! You’re loved. by each and everyone around you. Do not ever doubt about that. You’re surrounded by love, Just keep shining, sparkling and smiling, Always 🙂

Each one of you- Always remember You’re special 🙂

This post is a part of #IamWisdomWoman Blog chain hosted by 9 women bloggers who will share their wisdom of womanhood. Next post will be by Esha.

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  1. Sanjota Purohit

    Very inspirational! Whenever I’m feeling low I will come to this post and feel empowered.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      heehhe thank you!

  2. Preeti

    Nicely summarised Vidhya. These points should be printed and read every morning by every woman out there.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Thank youu!!

  3. Aditi Kapur

    Nicely summed up points to remember for every woman! A motivational post, Vidhya ?

  4. PraGun

    Wow post, perfect pointers for women to remember. For sure will read it to keep me motivated always.

  5. Seema

    This is so beautiful! Thank you for the pep talk. Much needed motivation and encouragement for all of us.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      hahaha THANK YOUUU

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