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A Few Novembers by Altasha Ali – Book Review

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Author: Altasha Ali

Writing Style


Loved every bit of the book! Sera and Khai’s Chemistry, Asser’s point of view and most importantly how things change but Love binds us, Love keeps us alive, always!



“You should be proud of yourself. You’ve come so far.”

Light romance reads always calms me down. They lighten up my mood and make me think, Love is not hard, always.
It’s been a long time since I finished reading a book in one sitting and I enjoyed it.

Altasha Ali’s A few Novembers will make you fall in love with Love, all over again. A light read, full of Romance and adventures, a journey of two individuals fighting their own battles, crossing each other’s paths, and figuring out where life takes them. Sneak peek into the lives of Sera and Khai, know about their journey of love and confessions!

It’s a light, breezy read that one needs especially on a bad day. Sera, the owner of Sera cabins finds her life in the business her dad left for her. Khai, a young teenager who visited Sera Cabins finds a great company in Sera. How will their lives take turns? Well, it’s a matter of not losing connections. But than is Sera ready to give Khai space in her life after losing everyone?

I fell in love with the storyline. With a mesmerizing plot and crisp descriptive narrative, Altasha weaves a tale of Love, Romance, friendship, family love and Hope. Right from the first page, the way the story started, Altasha captures the reader’s attention. The way the events were taking place was exciting and joyful to read. The curiosity to know what will Sera do, how will their story be like makes this book more fun.

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The way Sera and Khai met and their bond developed to Khai never giving up on her, to Sera becoming a CEO, a lot happened and the way Altasha portrays the emotions is commendable. It’s a fast-paced story with an engrossing writing style and smooth narrative.

You’ll fell in love in Khai and the way he makes Sera smile, you’ll fall for Sera and her determination, the way she comes back stronger and manages everything. You’ll love to have friends like Nyssa and Asser. The characters are amazingly developed by the author. Each of them has a story to tell, especially Asser and I would like to know about his life in Part 2 of the book maybe.

One could relate to the situations well, the way they dealt with them. What I enjoyed most is their conversations. Altasha keeps it light and fun throughout. Be it the silly fights between friends or being possessive when it comes to best friends. There’s everything here. It’s a perfect Bollywood story full of Drama and entertainment. A refreshing, breezy read that you’ll love to read. A book that makes you feel Love.

Loved every bit of the book! Sera and Khai’s Chemistry, Asser’s point of view and most importantly how things change but Love binds us, Love keeps us alive, always!


The autumn of Skye Hills has always been beautiful, but that one November it was somehow more vivid. A grieving girl who runs a hotel meets a lovable idiot running away from home and something blossoms, too intangible to name.
Even minutes and miles can’t stop two people falling for each other. Some people never chose love, but love choses them. Love that is never defined by the quantity of time you spend with someone. It’s defined by the quality of moments that fall like puzzle pieces until you can see the complete picture.
Over the course of a few Novembers, the seasons changed, The Cabins changed, the feelings changed and so did they.

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