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A Giant Tree of Benevolence by Sankalp Ranjan – Book Review

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Author: Sankalp Ranjan
Publisher: Bluerose Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

Writing Style


His words are calm and powerful, one could relate to them very well.Overall, It’s a good light read that you will enjoy over the cup of coffee



•I am sliding up and down on the neverending colourful wavy slides where euphoria echoes.•

I finished reading this beautiful book that has an unheard, repressed voice, and chaos of thoughts that the old man could hear.

The Giant tree of Benevolence by @onlyapenname is a collection of musings and short stories that will stay on your mind a little longer.

With the themes of love, loss, hope, beauty and others, with beautiful pictures, the stories are heartwarming and to the point.
Each story brings to light how unpredictable life is and the pictures do the justice too.

With an unpredictable plot, each story is different from the others and teaches a lesson for life. I loved the story of a book, 77 years old the most.

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With simple language and an intriguing writing style, I liked the way the author found his muse in every story and every poem. The stories are unpredictable and relatable at the same time. Reading this book felt like I was reading someone’s journal. One could find themselves in the bits of words, in the pictures and in the situations the author takes readers in.

It’s not a typical book of short stories but a lot more than that.
These anthologies are like the warmest cup of coffee in winter, soothing, strong, and beautiful.

While the author pens a captivating note on Shadows and how hope pushes someone to do better, he shares about a lady at an amusement park whom he captured with his camera and what happens next, he tells about an old man whom he met on a rainy night and seeks shelter and hears a story.

Each chapter unfolds a surprise for the readers. It’s a good book but needs a lot of formatting and editing too. It’s all scattered and absorbing, something that the readers will surely enjoy.

@onlyapenname does the magic with his words. His words are calm and powerful, one could relate to them very well.

Overall, It’s a good light read that you will enjoy over the cup of coffee


When a traveller has walked miles, after having left his home for somewhere known or unknown, he seeks refuge under a giant tree…in her lap-like-shadow to escape the scorching sun. To take a break from monotony. He is not going to stay here for ever but only until…it’s time. Until he has, apart from relishing her breeze-like-kisses on the forehead, recollected all he has come across, throughout the journey. He will either close his eyes to nap (and dream without falling asleep) or he will behold the horizon to meditate. All that would occur to him is Stories. These stories have been collected (retold) as A Giant Tree Of Benevolence. It’s actually an amalgamation or anthology of anecdotes or accounts of what a few important people would’ve felt while they were locked down in their own homes or wherever and whenever in their lives. It might be considered as a collection of several stories a single man who has been a lot of people at once or at different points of time. He has travelled many paths but he has resorted to one tree that will enlighten him and inspire other people. Maybe, readers like you. The description might sound sophisticated or surreal, if not unreal, but the book is going to be as simple as it can be. One cannot classify this objectively, as a journal or a book of musings, but would rather, perceive it according to his/her own experience as a true reader. In short, it’s a call to join the meditator under the tree.

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