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A Girl From Goa by Radhika Acharya – Book Review

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Author: Radhika Acharya
Publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing

Writing Style


It’s a light, good story of love and hope, with a great storyline which you can count on if you want to read something light and interesting!



It’s book 22 of 2023 and is a cute story straight out of Bollywood. A girl from Goa by Radhika Acharya is the story of Namrata who gets a letter from someone when she visits her aunt. What is this letter about and from whom? Sandeep belongs to a strict family from Karnataka falls in love with Namrata the moment he saw her.

The saga begins and so does the exchange of letters. Will they convey their feelings to each other? Where will this love story go? Will a girl from Goa and a Boy from across the border be one?

I liked the way story the story begins, with some hilarious incidents and endless love letters. The story gets exciting with each chapter and so Does Sandeep’s love for Namrata. Finally, Namrata takes Sandeep seriously and tells about him at her home and so does he. After a struggle and constant No’s the families agreed. The real drama begins when the garlands were exchanged and they were married at a young age with No degrees. Will there be a happily ever after for the couple?

Soon they move back and forth to Goa and Karnataka for work. Will they be able to balance work and family? Well, witness the drama with An intercaste marriage, different families and love. The narrative of the story is crisp and descriptive, where Radhika shares about Namrata’s young days, her happy life and how over the years love changed her. She shares about how Sandeep who was crazy in love stood for their love against his strict family. It shows how parents even after disagreeing, give up after their child’s wishes and how they wish the best for their child amidst everything.

Starting with the layer of friendship, relationship, family drama, hardships of life and love, the author adds fun incidences that make it light and delightful.

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The story gets intense with every chapter and so does Namrata’s life. You’ll see her grow. From a jovial person to a person finding joy, which will make us think about the decisions we make in haste. The witty, immersing writing style of the author keeps the readers invested in. One could relate to the characters and their situations well. The author shows about the crazy teenage love and the harsh realities of life.

It shows how we judge people based on their place and how love is above all, beyond the boundaries. It’s a bit slow-paced story with layers of relationships. With time, the couple faces lots of issues and I love how they solved them. How our parents become our support in the hardest of times and how we need to go on as we took that one wrong decision.

The characters are well-developed by the author. I liked Namrata’s personality more and the way she handled the situations.

Overall, It’s a light, good story of love and hope, with a great storyline which you can count on if you want to read something light and interesting!


This is a story straight out of Bollywood, or is it? When Namrata, a pretty young thing from Goa meets Sandeep, a handsome lad from Karnataka, sparks fly. It takes a packet of detergent, endless love letters and some hilarious incidents before Namrata takes Sandeep seriously. That’s the easier part. Convincing the two families and the actual marriage is where all the drama begins. And the drama continues long after the garlands are exchanged; which brings up the question – is that ‘happily married ever after’ thing for real or just a cliche! Come fall in love with the young couple as they move back and forth between two beautiful states of Goa and Karnataka. Come fall in love with love!

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