Book Review: Untold story of a common boy by Brijesh Kumar Pathak

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Love is the strongest thing in the world to make a change, to get the meaning of life.

Author: Brijesh Kumar Pathak
Publishers: Notion Press
Rating: 3/5


Prem is a small-town boy who comes to one of the biggest cities of India for his higher education. Everything goes well and according to his plan of achieving his goal with confined resources until he meets Jiya, a mysterious batch-mate, with whom he falls in love with, though she ignores him. He gets stuck between his dream and this girl. Everyone has dreams and understandings of their lives. Untold Story of a Common Boy is the story of how Prem comes to know what the meaning of true love and the truth of life are. This is an ordinary story of a boy’s dreams about success, life, friends and true love.


This book will make you relive your college days. It’s a beautiful story of Prem and Jiya. The author has beautifully plotted this story. The friendship, college life, Groupism, fun, parties everything is very connecting. We can visualize the plot easily. The author narrated each and every incident beautifully. It’s soothing and connecting. I loved the cover of the book.  I loved Jiya’s character, it’s so inspiring. All the characters that author described had some important message with them. The author gave importance to each and every character. The author used simple language that instantly connects the reader with the book. The tempo was good, there were fun, surprising elements which made it an interesting read. The Pace of story is bit slow. That’s where I lost interest. There are some parts which I found unnecessary. But overall It’s a good read. 
The story about prem who falls for Jiya and try every possibility to be with her. on the other hand, Jiya who do not believe in Love. The author has described college life, politics, exams pressure, friendship, faith, Love very well. 
‘Never Give up on Love’ is the message that I got from this book.

– Good Characterization
– Good narration
– Simple Language

made this read an interesting one.
If you love reading love stories, This is a good read.

You can get your copy here.

***I received this copy from the author in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

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