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A to Z Challenge – Theme Reveal

It’s 2 Am.. and I am writing my Theme Reveal post. Yes, that’s how life is for now. till yesterday, I thought of giving up on AtoZ challenge, thinking that I won’t be able to complete it. But then I remembered… Every year I say that, and I reach till the finishing line. So here I am, once again, Revealing the Theme for A to Z challenge by BlogChatter.
Every year, I wait for this challenge, This is my third year, and I am glad I didn’t miss it, else would regret it forever.
To all those who are participating for the first time, I know you must be having lots of questions, but then, Blogchatter team is an email away. Do not panic, enjoy this journey.

Here’s the Theme of AtoZchallenge 2020.

Well, this time, The theme will be A lil bit of Everything. I always wanted to try my hands on various topics and this is the chance I got. There will be some Top tens, or some recommendations, some memories, some information, some journeys, some destinations.
So here we begin!!!
All the best everyone. Check my Previous themes Here.

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