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11 Lessons I learned from Fetch your Coffee by Kaustubh Sonalkar.

Fetch Your Own Coffee is a compilation of such profound thoughts – that offer an alternative view of everything around us. Written and published as separate blogs over three years, each chapter included in this book has been widely read and discussed online before being handpicked and compiled in this one book of invaluable life lessons.

Here are the lessons I learned from this amazing book.

Love your Zindagi to let it love you back.
Your future is what you make it- strive towards it and shine bright. Remember, your gut feeling is the right answer to all your questions.
Become a champ by believing in yourself when no one else does.
Be ambidextrous; success lies in controlling and creating an equal measure.
A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.
Be blind to negativity
Partners are stronger versions of your own mirror image.
Fret not, the sky is waiting for you to reach it.

Let your dreams be big, bold and beautiful; so that one day when you achieve them,
bloody and battered, the world bows down to you.

Change is only scary till you embrace it.

Simplicity is the Key, it’s our choices which makes Growth complicated
In life, you’ve got to keep the goal coming.

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