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Anara by Pooja Trivedi – Book Review

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Author: Pooja Trivedi

Writing style


With descriptive narration and an interesting storyline, you are going to enjoy this book. This book is for beginners.



• Love does not cease to flow, hence it’ll make its way to you in some other form but it’ll definitely come, let it flow and wait for its return.•

How a short book had the power to make us believe in something. How it teaches us a lesson for life. How it changes our perspective. Anara the realisation by Pooja Trivedi is an adventurous journey of Anara and Anay whose marriage was about to end.

It’s been a while since Anaya met Mrs Bannerjee, a marriage counsellor about her marriage. What made her take a big decision? With an engaging plot and crisp narration, the author takes us on the journey of Love, faith and patience. I liked how the story proceeded adding twists to the story.

With the simple and pleasant writing style of the author along with the smooth flow of words, it’s a story that one could relate to. How we often take love for granted, how we often misunderstand one’s care and affection, how we often disrespect what is easily available to us, this story will make us realize to embrace what we have.

How we often take ourselves for granted, how we choose love over self-respect until we realise that we are not respected in the eyes of the one we love.

With a blend of love, loss, realizations and family drama, get a glimpse of family love, self-realisation and self-approbation.

The well-developed characters and lots of drama I liked the conversations between Mrs Bannerjee the most. The way she explained Anara, giving her a new perspective.

Anara as the name says- Powerful and complete, I liked Anara’s strong personality. With the ups and downs between Anara and Anay, how strongly she got up for herself, for her son, is worth witnessing. Support from Anara’s Parents, Anay’s realizations, the father son’s relationship, everything is wonderfully described.

I wish the cover was more beautiful along with a bigger font size. It’s a short, simple and beautiful read. With descriptive narration and an interesting storyline, you are going to enjoy this book. This book is for beginners.

A good book.

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