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And I Wanted The Low Tide To Take Away All Your Memories

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While I cherished
Being by the sea
I remembered every single memory.
This time I wished the sea
To take it all away from me.

To take away every moment
I spent with you
The happiness
The sad times
The smiles
The crys
All at once.
I wanted to the low tide
To take away every memory of you.

While I will cherish the lessons you gave
It still brings a smile on my face
When I think of first love.
The love that was almost at the finishing line.

The love that I lost
And I found myself again.
The smile that I lost,
I found myself laughing again.

Things get messy and life is never easy,
Cherishing the lessons you gave
I get up, start afresh again,
Building my castle once more,
With all the love I have.

Making sure, I won’t let the wrong ones enter,
Making sure I enjoy myself more there.
I wish low tide to take away your every memory
And bring the fresh joy again.

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