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Trishala: Born a Prostitute by Sharmila Banerjee – Book Review

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Author: Sharmila Banerjee
Publisher: Notion Press

Writing Style


This story will give you goosebumps and will feel the pain each character goes through. A story that will stun you and will leave you with a feeling of heaviness.



Another brilliant book that I came across. It’s a story of Trishala, who was born as a prostitute. Sidharta, son of the illustrious business tycoon Vikram Singh, Samera, the executive news editor of Today’s India and Abhishek.

One incident or accident can change a person’s life and something similar happened when a girl was found unconscious across Samera’s car. What happened to her? Where did she come from? Is there some connection with a case that Samera was solving? Unknowingly the girl led Samera to witness the harsh reality of Kashipur, the Badlands between Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh where there’s a community of prostitutes, led by Amma, the leader of the village.

Can Samera save the girl’s life? Will she be able to expose the illegal things happening in the village? Dots connect and bring Samera and Sidarta together. Will they save the girls from the village and the warmth of Amma? Sidarta finds something strange happening at his orphanage too. Is it all connecting?

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Dr Sharmila Banerjee amazingly weaves an engrossing story of hope, faith, justice and new beginnings.

The way the events were taking place will make you go crazy. The way Samera, Sidarta, Trishala, Abhishek and Pratap worked on the mission was inspiring. One could feel the pain each girl in the village goes through.

It’s a thrilling, fast-paced story that keeps the readers on their toes, with a series of events. The writing style of the author is simple, intriguing and to the point. She balances the emotions well. While they plan the mission, she keeps it light with the essence of love, friendship and dedication.

The characters are strong and amazingly developed. Each character has a story to tell and a reason to fight the battle. And their stories will startle you. Be it Pratap’s story or Samera’s or Sidart’s. Trishala’s journey is of course one of the best.

Why to read this one?

– a strong storyline and an incredible plot.

– series of unexpected events that will startle you.

– each character having strong story.

– a powerful and emotional read.

With a strong storyline and a crisp descriptive narrative, Sharmila gives us a sneak peek into the life of a prostitute, a business tycoon who wants to serve his community and a committed journalist who wants to bring out crime at any cost. This story will give you goosebumps and will feel the pain each character goes through. A story that will stun you and will leave you with a feeling of heaviness.

It’s a brilliant read that you must not miss. It’s all about Karma and thisthe story is one such.

An emotional, mindblowing read. A book that will stay with you forever.


Trishala, “Born A Prostitute”, tells the story of a young girl named Trishala, who is born in a community which is into Caste Based Prostitution. She was initiated into this profession when she was just 12 years old with the Nath-Utarna Ceremony, and sold to the highest bidder for the night. Since then, every night she had to entertain a new customer. Trishala had never experienced a world outside her village and had a deep longing for true love.

Trishala’s village Kashipur was the badlands between Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, it is a dystopic underbelly, and a regressive crime infested matriarchal community.

Siddharta, a business tycoon with a dejected past, accidentally lands himself in Kashipur and crosses paths with Trishala, which awakens true love in her. At the same time, a fiery journalist Samera and an IPS officer Abhishek are investigating a spate of kidnappings in the same area. Destiny brings Sidharta, Samera and Abhishek together, as they find themselves entangled in a bloody feud between two rival gangs of Kashipur, a multi-million-dollar drug and human trafficking nexus, and a crime infested regressive community. How this colossal endeavour unfolds, and Trishala’s journey of realization and rebellion, forms the crux of the story.

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