Book Review: Ira Oberoi’s Pursuit of Love by Niti Chopra

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True love is hard to find, but once found it changes your life forever.

Author: Niti Chopra
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Ratings: 3.5/5


Sparkling and zesty with a dash of green, a Virgin Mojito is a unique blend up and Ira is one lucky girl to have found her Mojito – tall and handsome with green eyes, he is in every definition the intoxication for her. In a twist of tales, the traditional concept of the boy wooing the girl goes for a toss. Smitten at first sight, she boldly pursues her love interest, every bit candid and upfront about it. 
But what is a concoction if not for a heady mix of elements? Her descriptive personal diary falls in the hands of her mother who, on the verge of a cardiac arrest, forbids her from getting into a relationship with the guy she has fallen for. 
Will Ira stand up for the love that she has found?Or will she be the ideal daughter and keep the promise for her mother’s sake? Will hers be a love story that finds it difficult to have a sweet ending or will it be the perfect fairytaleto be remembered down the years?
Will Ira Oberoi’s Pursuit of Love be successful?


The story is about Ira- a fun loving girl and Raaghav- a calm and composed guy. It’s a type of love in college days, at a first sight type of story. It was like reliving college days. First crush feeling, trying to get a picture of him,  trying to start conversations and all and all. It’s a cute love story where a girl and boy fall in love and girl’s mother get to know about her daughter’s relationship. What will happen next? will they be together? Will Ira’s mother accept her love for Raaghav? I enjoyed reading this book, I loved how this book started. I was completely engaged and was eager to know what will happen next. There are situations where you’ll feel like yes, I have done this, This happened to me too. Oh, Ira is so right. The author built the plot beautifully, it was engaging. The characters of Ira and Raaghav are portrayed very well. The author tried to create a strong personality of characters and quite succeeded in it.  The only thing is the pace of the story was too slow. It started with a medium pace and then it was going slow. Also, I was getting confused between past and present things.

But overall, the tempo, characters, and plot were amazingly full of fun, mystery, friendship, and love.

Relive your college days with this book. A cute, witty read that you’ll love.
You can get your copy here.

***I received this copy from the publishers in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

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