Book Review: Somebody that I used to know by Himani Desai

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Night whispers all the secrets that day keep.

Author: Himani Desai
Publisher: WriteIndia
Ratings: 3.5/5


Life is unpredictable. Sometimes it rewards you with an immense happiness and sometimes it rewards you with an intense grief. But how flabbergasting it would become if life will reward you with felicity and misery simultaneously! 
VARUN (Man of principles, an army officer) and ANAYA (A soul full of creativity, an interior designer), both were madly in love with each other until their eternal love took a drastic turn and some circumstances separated them forever. After four years of interval, destiny played its role and reunited them on the same platform. But this time things had changed. They met again, not as lovers but as antagonists of each other. Because this time he was the savior of the country and she was the offender of the country. 
How their love story bloomed? Which circumstances separated them? How did she reach in the world of crimes? 
Whom will he choose, his liability regarding his country or his lady love?  


A sweet, innocent love story that I finished in one go. I loved it. It’s a story of the army man who sacrificed his love for his motherland. But destiny had some different plans. 
The plot was written is really well. How story beautifully switched from Varun’s diary to reality.  The author managed to grab readers attention. We can easily visualize the story. The characters that author created were all amazing and the author managed very well to give importance to each and every character. The narration of the story is beautiful. It’s all about Friendship, relations, love, twists, and patriotism. I loved the bond that Aman and Varun shared. How Aman understood Varun very well and managed to lighten the situations. Also, the author didn’t fail to bring surprise element wherever required. It makes the reader curious to know what will happen next. 
Though there were some spelling mistakes it was ignored as the plot was interesting. 
Use of simple language, proper narration, and tempo of the book is also good. The pace the story was proper and the reader could easily connect to the story. Dialogues exchanged between characters were also proper. I also loved the cover and title of the book.

Overall It’s a sweet, light read. If you’re looking for some light read, this is it.

You can get your copy here.

***I receive the copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for honest and unbiased review.***

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