Book Review: Soulmate by Deepak Chopra

Love isn’t a mere sentiment, it contains truth and therefore it is law. Love conforms to your vision.

Author: Deepak Chopra
Publisher: Hay House India
Rating: 3/5

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One of the world’s foremost leaders in the field of mind-body medicine turns his talents and vision to fiction with an absorbing, mystical tale of a love that conquers death itself…
Gifted young doctor Raj Rabban is about to have his whole world turned upside down-when a chance encounter on a subway introduces him to the kind of happiness he never thought possible.
But life with his true soulmate is cut short by tragedy, and Raj must undertake a courageous journey beyond the scope of his five senses to regain it.



The soulmate is the story of Raj who is an intern learning to become a psychiatrist. He is engaged to Maya but falls for Molly. Molly is a character quite deep and is likely to change many lives simultaneously.
What will happen when Maya will come to know about Raj? What will raj explain to his family? Many more questions you will witness.

Reading Deepak Chopra’s book is always a pleasure and this book has a unique plot. The book for me was Okayish read as the pace was very slow and felt like the story is dragged. Though another part of the story was good, the start was like an average. There are some beautiful characters that the author created and one can easily relate with Molly’s character. They were impressive. The plot is unique but too slow. The tempo of the story is also good. There are twists and turns at every point. There’s a mystery, romance, and love in it.

Simple Language, Good characters, unique plot make this book an interesting read.

This book has its own qualities, there are some good parts and bad part of this book. Maya’s reaction, Changes in the life of Raj.  There are some beautiful lines, in the book which you will love.

if you want something unique and believe in life after death within your loved one or the concept of soulmates this book is for you!!

You can get your copy here.

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