Book launch of My Little Infinity by Karanbir Singh

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My Little Infinity KARANBIR SINGHVidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai

‘My Little Infinity’, is a real-life story on a father-son relationship. An ordinary Indian family didn’t know that an unordinary journey awaited them. Dr. Rajinder Singh was a physician and a non-invasive cardiologist, his wife is a gynaecologist and his daughter is a neurologist. A goat within a flock of sheep, his son Karanbir Singh is a double major in psychology and sociology, followed by a diploma in acting. The journey of ‘My Little Infinity’ began when Dr. Rajinder Singh got diagnosed with liver cancer. Because of his medical background, they were able to get an early ticket for his liver transplant. But sometimes all that works well doesn’t always end well. Within 4 months Dr. Rajinder’s cancer relapsed and this time he lost his battle with cancer. The book is divided in two parts, ‘Entries of a Father’ and ‘Destiny of a Son’. The first part, is written by Dr. Rajinder Singh on his feelings and his state of mind when he realises that he has been diagnosed with cancer and how a father, a husband, a doctor who knows the disease so well, makes an attempt to hit the right chords so that he can encash more days for himself to be with his family.

And the second part Destiny of a Son denotes the journey of Karanbir Singh, who was a young college going boy when his father got diagnosed with cancer. He tried making sense of the events taking place around him and how he experiences death through his father and then went on a journey to find solace by deciphering life itself.

Dr. Rajinder Singh started writing this book after his transplant so that he could motivate people who have been diagnosed with cancer and was very enthusiastic about it. After he passed way Karanbir happened to stumble upon the incomplete draft decided to complete what his dad left half way through my lens.Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai

Author Karanbir Singh says, “Life and loss is one thing we all experience irrespective of who we are and we all will have existential crisis someday. This book is for all those, who have reached a point in their lives where they know that there is more to time life than life, itself.  People give up their entire life just to leave a mark in this world, to be known, to be somebody but not themselves. What’s the point of leaving a mark when you won’t be here yourself to see it after you’re gone?  The only legacy you leave behind is of the moments when you meant something to somebody”.

For all those who have or are experiencing loss of a loved one. To know that life and death are inevitable, and acceptance is the only key to bridge the understanding of death. Dr. Rajinder Singh always said that “I will be your father not till my last breath but till yours, know till the time you have that breath flowing through you, your loved ones are there, floating with you.”

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