BookReview: Never too late by Prof. G.K.Mittal

We learn from life as time passes.
Adversity teaches you more than a lifetime of luxury.

Author: Prof. G. K. Mithal
Publisher: Pblishing (Maple Press
Rating: 3/5


When you feel that everything in life suffocates you to the last breath, right then a ray of hope shines on you; something same happened with Pramela. It’s a story that has friendship, love, romance, betrayal, grief, hope and above all belief in life and good fortune. Pramela in here is a beautiful college girl who goes through emotions when she strolls through the life’s turmoil. She finds a friend to hold her through the difficulties and receives love from the most unexpected person and experiences relations and connects with known and unknown. This story may make you cry and sigh but will also help you believe.


The story revolves around the life of Pramela. Born into a rich family with all the luxuries she enjoyed her life. As time passed, she lost her mother and then her father. After her father’s death, she no longer had money after paying all the debts. She then struggles with a middle-class lifestyle where she faces difficult situations in life and tries to settle and accept them.

The plot is beautifully scripted and we can connect to every situation she faces in her life. The chemistry of Love, Romance, Friendship. The story is all about of Hope, grief, and belief. The message of Never give up is conveyed beautifully. The Author succeded in giving importance to each and every character. Everyone Pramela met shared a beautiful Phase with them and author succeeded where a reader can easily connect with the book. The Pace of story is slow but worth a read. It also shows how brave and independent girls are. The Tempo of the story is good as it adds surprise element at every point. The Narrating style is simple and very connecting. It instantly connects the reader with the book. The author has also used the simple language where one can easily visualize the story. With twists and turns, the story moves forward highlighting the struggles that Pramela faced. 
It also gave one message, If you’re destined to be together, No one can separate you! No One! There’s Joy, Tears, fun, and Love in this book.  Everyone you meet adds a different spark to your life and your willingness to accept every situation That life show makes you a true person. The book also has pictures of every scene which again adds an interesting impact.

Overall this book touched my heart.It’s a good, Light read on a perfect evening.

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*** I received the copy of the book from publisher in exchange of honest and unbiased review***

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