BookReview: Paper Boats in puddles by Priya Velayudhan

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How worthwhile it really is to slow down time to create memories.

Thank you for convincing me time and again that God is still around. 

Author: Priya Velayudhan
Publisher: Partridge
Ratings: 4/5


Paper boats are loved for their simplistic perfection and the delight they bring to children – both young, old and the really aged. Though they are set afloat in puddles, each one of them carries a hope to travel far and wide, riding higher waves – just like every one of these stories. Written with much love and hope during titbits of stolen moments from that elusive thing called Time, every single one of them carries a strong message that calls for one to pause and ponder upon. From the comfort of a loving family to the grappling pangs of hunger, from the inevitable judgments stamped by society to the flicker of hope in humanity that comes to us in many ways, these stories are humane to the last word.


I loved the cover and title of the book. It has various short stories that will melt your heart. My favourite among them are:
Simple complications, 
Bird of many feathers, 
The Gift,
Trapped in time, 
Strings Attached.

 Each story has its own depth and own nature. It will relax your mind and give a new hope, a new message. It’s collection of 33 Short stories that will win your heart. It helps you connect better with a surrounding, with life. The author has beautifully set the plot for each and every story. You can easily connect with the book from wherever who start. Any story that you pick will give a wonderful message. The characters that author made were just amazing. You can connect with each and every character very easily. I loved how author narrated each and every story beautifully. Best was the Thank You poem. It’s a read one can pick any time and read a story that will melt your heart. The author had everything in this book, Romance, Hope, struggle, failure, Love, Friendship, Trust and much more. It will give you positive vibes after reading this book. 

I loved Simple Complications. The relationship between grandmother and child. A birth with many feathers gives you a wonderful message and The Gift. It tells a lot about emotions, poverty and much more. Each story has its own message, it’s own meaning. The author used simple language that helps in connecting with characters easily. The plot is too good, so is the narration. The tempo is the best as it adds various elements in each and every story. The pace is also good. 

If you love reading short stories, this book is the pick!

You can get your copy here.

*** I received this copy from the author in exchange for honest and unbiased review.

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