Book Review: A Chest’s Tale by Jinal Doshi

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A mystery that unfolds..

Author: Jinal Doshi
Kindle book
Rating: 3/5

Summary:Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai, #finfingyourGspot #findyourGspot
It’s hard to resist the temptation of possessing an antique golden chest, even if one doesn’t own it. It’s even harder to stop trying to open it, when it stays stiff shut. What if it contains precious gems, jewels, important documents or may be vital nation’s security? However, when this chest goes missing, closely followed by their Dad’s disappearance, the fraternal twins – Prash and Nish involuntarily don the teen detectives’ avatar. A withered puzzle engraved on an old stone pavement showers light on their mysterious journey to seek their Dad’s whereabouts and locate the precious chest. Will the young boys taste success at their first go? Only, The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale has the stirring answer.


A chest’s tale is a wonderful E-book by Jinal Doshi. It’s a simple book full of mysteries. I loved the way the book started. How the twins find their father seize an old Chest that was brought during a flood. The chest would not open and the mystery start’s from there. The plot that the author set was good, it has suspense, twists which kept me hooked with the book.  The language used by the author is also simple and easy to understand. the pace of the book was little slow, The flow was smooth and crisp. As we proceed, the story becomes Interesting. The way the author has given detailed information about each and every scene is something I loved. The way the author narrated incidents was wonderful. the narration was good.

The characters, that the author made were not too strong. But every character that she made had their importance in the book. The title of the book was good, but the cover could have been better. but then it’s a good mystery read. I loved how twins tried to solve it.

Overall, it’s a light, quick, simple and easy read. I loved the message that the author wanted to convey. To be honest and do the right thing. If you want to take a break from heavy reads, go for it

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*** I received the copy of the book from the author in exchange for honest and unbiased review***


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