Book Review: Autumn by Archi

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And the fall of the lifeless, a promise of new life, only adds to its charm.
Inspiration, A little Hope.

Author: Archi
Format: Kindle
Rating: 4/5

Review:Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai, Book blogger India

Autumn! it’s story of Asmi and Leo. Leo requests Asmi to show the city to him, later Leo convinces her to join him at the hotel. Would Asmi get rid of Leo or would she get trapped forever?
It’s a story full of twists and turns. I loved how the plot was developing with every turning page. It’s a simple story with lots of suspense. I loved the plot of the story. It’s interesting. The narration of the story is smooth and awesome. The way the author narrated story is commendable. I loved how there were so many lines full of motivation, and love. The writing style of the author is amazing. one can easily connect with the story. As the story proceeds, it becomes so interesting that one cannot put the book down. It’s a quick and Interesting read. The pace of the story is good. The flow is smooth and crisp. The language used by the author is simple, easy and connecting. One can connect with the book instantly. There are so many themes that one witness in this story. There’s a depth in this story and is different from what we usually read. The characters that the author made were strong, with a wonderful personality. I loved Asmi’s character the most. The climax of the story was unexpected. The way it ended was Superb. Also also, the cover of the book! it’s amazing.

It’s a quick and easy read.

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*** I received this copy from the author in exchange for honest and unbiased review***


One night a romance writer, Asmi meets a famous singer, Leo on a bridge.
Leo requests Asmi to show the city to him, they go roaming around the city as the hours pass.
When morning approaches they are ready to part ways but Leo thinks it’s a good idea to kill the remaining hours getting to know Asmi, so he convinces her to join him at the hotel.
Asmi is overwhelmed by the shift that her life has experienced since a stranger tapped on her shoulder last night and events didn’t go as per her plans. She needs to get home now, but somehow ends up scheming a way to sneak into the hotel without coming under the public radar. It’s a matter of one night she had thought previously and now it’s of a day, yet this is the preferable option for her than answering the what’s and why’s, revealing more than she intends to, until it’s guaranteed she’ll get rid of him eventually. Also, she loves hotels and this one is a dream come true.
What turn would their story take?
Would Asmi get rid of Leo or would she get trapped forever? What were her plans?
To know it all and experience this quirky relation between Asmi and Leo, read this ONE Of A Kind Tale.

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