Book Review: Tested by Alpesh Patel

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The Dream is Free, But the Hustle comes at a cost.

Innovation is about taking a traditional business model and flipping the script.

Author: Alpesh Patel
Publisher: Story Mirror
Rating: 5/5

Summary:Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai

From the African bush to the streets of London, from the souks of Tangier and the concrete jungle of Hong Kong to the bling of Dubai and back to mother Africa; this is a riveting true story of what happens when an entrepreneur tries, tries and tries and fails more times than he succeeds. A soul searching narrative full of highs and lows, culminating in the creation of a pan-African consumer brand that eventually is sold to a multibillion-dollar company.

This is not a rags to riches story. Alpesh is living proof that in life we lose more times than we win. He talks about the dark side of entrepreneurship and the challenges of maintaining the human spirit to keep going no matter what. His journey confirms to us that our lives only really begin once we step outside of our comfort zone.

If you are looking to quietly tiptoe through life and hope to reach the grave safely then this book may not help you! However, if you are looking to thrive regardless of what life throws at you and keep getting stronger and wiser in the process, then this book will help you on your journey.


The book is divided into 12 chapters. First of all, I loved the title and the cover of the book. It is impressive and makes one think what the story will be. I loved the way how the story started.

It’s A story which is real in all aspects. when things do not happen the way you wished for, when there are majority of losses. will you strive or give up? will you fight the battle to win? Will he succeed?

I loved how the author set the plot. In detail and well-researched plot. It’s a story of an entrepreneur, struggling for success. The narration of the story is wonderful, Each and every minute details are written in a crisp, smooth and simple way. The characters that the author made, the scenarios that the author created are mind-blowing. I loved how his spirit of never giving up.  I loved the lines, at the start of every chapter. It was like a motivation. The pace of the story is amazing. I loved it. The flow is smooth, crisp with twists and turns. Each chapter was amazing in itself, joining the puzzle. The language that the author used is simple, interesting and intriguing. The book has various themes like success, struggle, entrepreneurship, relationship and more. I loved the message that the book had, not to give up, be ready to get tested. It’s an amazing read. The way there’s suspense element, twists and turns, loved it.

Strong plot, crisp Narration, Simple Language and wonderful thought.

Everyone should read this book.

You can get your copy here.

*** I received this copy of book from the author in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

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