Book Review: The girl I love by Amit Nangia

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LOVE.. sometimes it takes so long for a person to realize.

Author: Amit Nangia
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Rating: 3/5

Summary:Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai

“Every girl has a guy that she won’t stop loving and every guy has a girl that he won’t stop fighting for.”Myra loves Kairav and she does not even remember since when! Not just his best friend, she is also his partner in a successful dream start-up. Kairav has broken up again and turns to Myra for relief. His broken heart needs the tender love of a friend to mend. While Myra has loved him forever, Kairav cannot seem to see hermore than a best friend. Time is running out and she needs to take control of her life before it’s too late. And it’s not like she does not have choices – there is Akhil, who would commit to her the moment she says yes; and Ratan, who would like to woo her to the altar. Except that Kairav objects to her admirers, much to her annoyance. She has always been around and the thought of losing her scares him no end. Can Myra break out of her going-nowhere relationship with Kairav? Will she let her mind win over her heart? Will Kairav ever figure out a relationship beyond his no- commitment status, to discover the girl he loves?


The girl I love is story of Myra and Kairav. Myra, a simple, quiet and strong personality, whereas Kairav, a carefree person. Kairav and Mayra are The best friends, the business partners. Will they be only best friends? Will Kairav Love Myra? will he understand her feelings?

First of all, The cover of the book was Good, simple and attractive. The Plot of the story was simple, easy connecting but not something different. It’s the story which one can predict easily.The Narration is smooth and easy. The language used by the author is simple and one can easily connect with the book. The pace of the story, was little slow. There are many themes in the story. Themes like friendship, entrepreneurship, leadership skills, Love are there. There, at many places,things are stretched. The characters- that the author made are strong. I liked Myra’s character the most. The suspense, twists and turns were missing in the story. It was a simple love story that we read. A light, simple, easy and quick read.

Those who love Romance genre, go for it.

You can get your copy here.

*** I received this copy from the publishers in exchange for honest and unbiased review***/

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