Book Review: When broken hearts meet by Arushi Vats

Everyone is suffering in their life. some know how to conceal their pain effectively, while some reveal in their eyes.

Author: Arushi Vats
Publisher: Notion Press
Rating: 3/5

Summary:Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai

Avanti meets Suhaas. They become friends. Avanti is a conflicted girl, shattered in the tussle between her past and present and Suhaas is the typical prince charming who has two sides, one which he keeps to himself and the other which he shows to everyone. As their story proceeds ahead, both of them begin to feel affinity for each other. But deep in the realms of their hearts dwells chaos that occurs because of their past relationships. Avanti and Suhaas’s friends make efforts to unite them as they know that they love each other. Eventually, it’s up to Suhaas if he will confess his love or not but the important question arises here is, will Avanti find the courage to leave behind her tumultuous past and embrace her love story?


When Broken Hearts Meet, is the story of Avanti and Suhas. Avanti, who had seen so much in her life is afraid of falling in love, while Suhas, A handsome, charming personality, too had a bad past. will these broken hearts meet? will they be one?

First of all, I loved the cover and the title of the book. It’s impressive. The narration of the book is simple, easy and connecting. One can easily connect with the story, and enjoy reading it. There are so many places where there was a smile on my face. the author gave many minute details of the situations. It tells about hostel life, hostel friends, fights between friends, misunderstanding, jealousy, Love. The plot of the story was good, simple with twists. The characters that the author made were good, but not that strong. I disliked Avanti’s nature, and how she misunderstood many things. The characters were lil immature in the story. Many times, I was getting confused and was little blank. But there were many good things too. The language used was simple. One can easily get along with the story. The pace was little slow because things were getting complicated in the middle. The flow of the story was simple and smooth. there were some editing mistakes, but that can be ignored. However, I loved the ending of the story.

Overall, it’s a good read, if you love romance, go for it.

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*** I received this copy from the author in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

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