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The best thing you can do in life is to life is to live your Passion.

Don’t start by wanting to be a rich-and-famous anything. Close your eyes and imagine the one thing you’d want to do for the rest of your life and find a way to make THAT your career”

Author: Miss Malini
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Rating: 4/5Vidhya Thakkar- Book review, reviewer, Indian blogger, Mumbai Blogger, book Blogger.

Don’t start by wanting to be a rich-and-famous anything. Close your eyes and imagine the one thing you’d want to do for the rest of your life and find a way to make THAT your career. Malini Agarwal’s story began much like any Bollywood movie from the nineties – with a pigeon, a damsel in distress and Mumbai, the city of dreams. She realized soon enough that she was destined to be someone extraordinary. The clapboard sounded with the launch of a hobby blog by this dancer, RJ and columnist who went on to become the founder of the biggest entertainment website of its kind. Brand MissMalini took the world by storm before the era of blogging and entertainment journalism, and much before Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat dominated public consciousness. The rest is history. MissMalini is entertainment’s #BossLady. #ToTheMoon is her mantra and her story. In this dazzling book, full of wisdom and wit, she tells you how to get to the top and stay there.

To the moon is a journey of Miss Malini in the world of blogging. The book is divided into three parts. Her journey, her childhood, her work and blogging tips.  It has some wonderful chapters from life in Bombay to her years as a Radio Jockey. To the movies that inspire her to stars coming at her show. It is also about the A B C D of blogging.

Well, I was so much excited to read this book as it was all about blogging. I was a little excited when I read Blurb of this book. First of all, I loved the title of the book.  #Tothe Moon is an appealing title.  The book has many many things to learn if you’re willing to. There are some tips by Miss Malini called #MMprotips which are very helpful, funny and interactive. Out of so many chapters, I loved chapter 4 Blogging. It’s about A B C D of blogging. From Appealing content to hiring Content writers, It has each and everything. One can get a lot of motivation from this book and some tricks of blogging.

Well, on the other hand, I felt the book was little dragged, her personal experience was so much elaborated that at a time it was boring to read. Also there’s a section where a perssonallity tells about Miss Malini’s journey.  The Pace of the story is slow.  The narration of the story is good. It’s a first-person narration.  The tempo of the story is good as you’ll see variations. There’s funny, love, mystery and tragic moments happened in her life that she describes beautifully.  It’s about her journey, how she started a blog,  her struggles and most importantly her dedication and decision to follow her Passion is described amazingly. #Icandothat #BossLady are some bits of chapters that I loved.  Though the book is slow paced but the style of writing is engaging. The simple language makes this book more interesting. She has explained each and every platform, blogging tricks beautifully.

Overall it’s full of motivation, inspiration, and tips for the blogging world. What  I learned from this book is, To never give up on your dreams, on your Passion. Follow them, Do what makes you happy.

Afterall, as I always say. Passion Rules Us All, Always :)

Every blogger must read this book.

You can get your copy here.


About the Author:

Malini Agarwal is the founder and creative director of MissMalini Entertainment. She pioneered Indian lifestyle blogging with in 2008. The website reaches over 4 million from over 200 countries and she has a social media following of over 7.5 million. Malini was No. 1 on IMPACT’s 50 Most Influential Women in Media, Marketing and Advertising 2017; on the business leaders to watch in Fortune India’s 40 Under 40 list and was one of GQ’s 50 Most Influential Young Indians in 2017. She’s been named India’s most famous blogger by the Huffington Post and Forbes. Malini made her first foray into television in 2014 with the reality entertainment TV series MissMalini’s World on TLC. She went on to host Kya Seen Hai on Zoom and Vh1 Inside Access with MissMalini.

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