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Caveman’s Secret Sauce by Nimish Dayalu – Book Review

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Author: Nimish Dayalu
Publisher: Penguin Ananda

Writing Style


A book that will make you feel liberated. If you apply one percent of what the author shares, life is surely going to change. A must read book.



Nimish Dayalu’s Caveman’s Secret Sauce is the journey of Jeet who chose to leave city life behind and spend time in a Himalayan cave where he meets a mysterious man whom they call Adi.

With Adi, Jeet feels different, he loves listening to Adi and his philosophies. When Adi is away, Jeet spends time implementing the lessons Adi taught him.

In this process of learning and implementing, Jeet untangles the complex mysteries of the world. What are those mysteries?

Well, it’s a brilliant, thought-provoking story with a crisp gripping narrative, with a backdrop of vivid Himalayan mountains and villages.

Jeet who lives in a Cave learns a new lesson every day and in this journey, he meets fascinating people who teach him lessons he never thought of.

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How simple the joys of life mean a lot, how death changes things, how we must learn to love and to let go, how prayers are often misunderstood, how we must explore the universe within ourselves and there’s a lot more.

With each chapter, the story gets more intense and you’ll feel liberated at the same time. The way he describes it all is commendable. It’s soothing and powerful, while he comforts readers with the joys, he shares the simplest and hardest truths of life.

How Jeet took a day as it came, how he implemented Adi’s teachings, how staying with a family changed his perspective, and how a small talk with a girl who is on research filled him with many questions.

The writing style of the author is rich and enchanting. While He shares answers of the questions we all have in our daily life, he shares about ancient Indian myths and rituals too.

How important family is and so is solitude. How important every breath is and so is death, how important it is to love and to let go. This book indeed has answers. Answers to the questions we often ignore.

While I loved reading about Jeet’s journey, Adi’s mysterious presence and part leave a mark in the minds of readers. Jeet’s journey is inspiring and while I craved for Adi’s presence a Lil bit more.

It’s a mysterious, rejuvenating read that you should not miss especially if you love reading spiritual books, this book will unlock an eclectic world for you. It’s a book that has its own reading experience. A book that will make you feel liberated. If you apply one percent of what the author shares, life is surely going to change. A must read book.


What if, one day, you find yourself in a Himalayan cave, far away from the world? For Jeet, this is a choice he made after leaving city life behind.

One evening, a strange man called Adi, who does mysterious things, makes his way into Jeet’s cave. The two develop a friendship that will help Jeet unravel the secrets of the wild. In his pursuit to grow, Jeet travels to a mountain village that has been untouched by time and then up a sacred mountain, meeting some fascinating characters along his journey. On this quest from the surreal to the supernatural, Jeet untangles some of the most complex mysteries of the world, which often kept him awake at night in the city.

Intriguing, adventurous and containing the pearls of forgotten ancient Indian myths and legends, Caveman’s Secret Sauce has the right ingredients that are missing in society today.

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