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Concentration and Detachment by Sarthak Patel – Book Review

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Author: Sarthak Patel
Publisher: Notion Press

Writing Style


A well-detailed book With interesting examples and stories, it’s a light, quick and Inspiring read.



•Every day, you get a chance to shape your life, your time, your work, relationships, and experiences in a beautiful way!•

I love reading such books, they always give me a new perspective towards life. Sarthak Patel’s Concentration and Detachment is one such book that will make you pause and think, about how life will change if we Concentrate on our journey and Detach ourselves from everything. The author also shares the concept of Awareness, which is my favourite one. How Awareness is a Key to becoming master of our mind.

Sarthak discusses the concepts in a detailed and interesting way. One could relate to his words and the stories. While he shares about the importance of concentration and detachment, he tells about how they practically work and how one can practice the same. My favourite part of the book is the detachment scenes and stories that start with the Translation of Nirvana Shatakam by Shankracharya.

This book has a different kind of reading experience and if we apply even one per cent of what Sarthak share, we can bring many changes in our lives.

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With Simple language and an intriguing writing style I liked the positive and the practical approach of the author. Another thing I loved about the book is the author keeps the concepts Light, simple and to the point with quotes, illustrations and stories that gives readers a delightful reading experience.

The author shares some simple exercises that helps whenever we feel it’s becoming heavy. Another favourite part of the book!

Concentration and Detachment play a big role and can make a difference. The question was what should we concentrate on and should detach ourselves from and How? Sarthak gives insights on how are minds work, how both concentration and detachment is an art and we can master them, learn them and make our lives better.

It’s a thoughtful read and will make readers curious. Love reading psychology books? Or want to read more on this topic? You can count on this book.

A well-detailed book With interesting examples and stories, it’s a light, quick and Inspiring read.


An act of deep concentration is the demonstration of the intense fire that one carries within. To be immersed in the world and yet be perfectly detached is the demonstration of the wisdom of life. Yet we are never trained to develop such powerful abilities that we already have.

This book explores the subjects of ‘Concentration and Detachment’ in a fundamental way and gives practical insights on developing them. It turns out that by developing these two abilities at best, one can master the secret of work. We commonly see that work, for most people, leads to stress and frustration. But with concentration and detachment abilities work becomes an experience of joy and liberation. It gives inner happiness and an experience of the state of flow. With these perfect instruments, it becomes natural to create a work-life balance in a culture where work is too emphasized.

Designed as a composition of words, Zen stories, graphics, scenarios, and my insights, this book is an enjoyable journey to understanding the most fundamental abilities of the human mind. Having so much variety of concepts, this book is a suitable read for anyone above the age of 13. Students can learn to enhance their concentration skills using the practical tools given in the book. Working individuals get a much better understanding of how to maintain a work-life balance by learning the secret of work. People of older age can extract deep spiritual ideas related to concentration and detachment given in the book.

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