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Dead Air by Biju C James – Book Review

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Author: Biju C James
Publisher: Notion Press

Writing Style


It’s a fast-paced story with many twists and turns. The climax seemed a bit hasty but I loved the action-packed elements. Don’t miss this Bollywood style read!



• when you write, write well. like they say, only one chance at a good first impression.•

Dead Air by Biju C James is the story of Journalists Vikram and Ria who have a case to solve and cover the story.

Super Model Tanya Khanna is Murdered! Read the headlines and every newspaper tries to gather information about the case. Vikram’s boss assign Vikram for the case as his editor knows only Vikram with his abilities can solve this case?

With an intriguing plot and crisp descriptive narrative, Biju adds brilliant twists to the story. With each chapter, the story gets thrilling and mysterious as the puzzle of a murder starts to be solved. It’s a rollercoaster adventurous ride where the author gives readers a lil sneak peek into Vikram’s life too and the reason why he was like that, Tough and straightforward, away from happiness.

Vikram’s encounter with a girl who is having nightmares about the murder gives him a ray of hope for solving the case. Teaming up with Ria, he began his work and little did he know their lives were in Danger. Who is doing this? And why?

The countdown has begun before Vikram knew and someone had planned big things. While Vikram solves the puzzle, the author shares the past stories of other characters giving readers a gist of the reason why events were taking place.

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It’s a fast-paced story with many twists and turns. Biju keeps the readers invested in. Gradually new characters are introduced, each one of them having a story to tell which Biju expresses in a beautiful way. The characters are well sketched by the author. Vikram’s character was of course my favourite one. Even Ria’s character added spice to the story.

The climax seemed a bit hasty but I loved the action-packed elements as they kept me awake through the night, devouring this brilliant story. Don’t miss this Bollywood style read!

Just a better cover would have added more charm!


Vikram Shetty, a once-brilliant investigative journalist in Bangalore, is on a downward spiral. His stories have dried up and his career is nearly over.  A leading supermodel is brutally murdered and the story is forced upon a reluctant Vikram. His editor knows only the tenacity of Vikram’s once-brilliant mind can unravel the impossible skein. Vikram’s investigation seems to be going nowhere until he has a chance encounter with a girl suffering from nightmares about the gory murder. But nightmares have a habit of coming true and soon, Vikram is thrust into a nightmare of his own. He must unravel the mystery and find the killer. Unfortunately, there is a clock ticking and without Vikram knowing it, the countdown has begun.

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