Either Or Else Nor by Varun Gupta : Book Review.

Either Or Else Nor by Varun Gupta : Book Review.

Author: Varun Gupta
Publisher: Notion Press
Rating: 4/5


Either Or Else Nor by Varun Gupta is about a conversation between two people where they discuss each and everything till they have nothing to talk about. Who these people are? What their conversations are about? And why this conversation? There are many questions which will be answered by this book of 110 pages.

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Though it’s a short book but a heavy read. Yes, you need to give time to absorb every single thing the author wrote. The plot of the story is interesting with twists and turns. I loved how each chapter had a mystery, it’s own story.

The writing style of the author is witty and appealing. One can connect to the story well.
At times it’s a bit tedious and heavy with many confusions. What I disliked about the book is the presentation. There were No Paragraphs which made it a bit difficult to read.

This book has some wonderful lessons to learn but lack of paragraphs made it tough. The language used by the author is simple and easy. The writing style of the author is crisp and lucid keeping the reader hooked throughout.

Each conversation between the characters was emotional and beautifully portrayed by the author. Themes like Love, loss, friendship are seen here. There are drama and dialogues which keeps the reader invested in.

With every chapter, the story builds well. The storyline of the book is amazing. It’s a mature love story. The way the author explains the complexities of human relationships is commendable. I liked the climax of the book, it was so unexpected leaving the reader to astound.

Overall it’s a beautiful book full of Love and Hope. A short and wonderful read


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“I belong to an era where a thought is a commitment”

“I haven’t forgotten a single word of yours.” It was at that moment when people start believing in magic because everything seemed to freeze when he said that and time took a snap of that frozen moment to keep it inside the museum of time. Their eyes locked for an instant on his statement and in that instant they travelled eons.

A story of two people living anywhere on the face of this earth tackling their past, present and future during the course of a night where just like in space, a one degree tilt in trajectory gives an entirely new dimension and direction to each life with no chance of going back. In reality, like we all assume that we decide when destiny has already exhausted all the possibilities and decided the one for you.

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    This looks promising Vidhya. I like your honest review too!

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    Hey Vidhya,
    This sounds like a nice travel-time read.

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    It looks like an interesting read. I will check out the book in my next shopping session. 😉

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    Sounds like a good book. Your review gives us a good idea what to expect.

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    This would be a nice read as it is a short and interesting book.

  6. Hackytips

    As always great review! The plot looks interesting.

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    Nice detailed review. I liked the title of the book. Really compelling me to go for it.
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    Hmm.. that’s interesting… A conversational book… I might give it a read.. Also loved your detailed review

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