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How Helo’s Localisation can Help Small Businesses Grow.

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In the current tech era, the internet has turned out to be the most disruptive factor in the way businesses run their operations. Today, the possibility of reaching millions of users through a single platform has made a huge shift in marketing.    

While big organizations and businesses can put a lot of funds behind marketing on social media, small businesses with a low budget are left in a lurch. They end up not being able to harness this potential and reach their dedicated audience. To bridge this gap, platforms such as the Helo app can be significantly instrumental.

The USP of Helo revolves around the ‘localization’ factor – a user base engaging with content posted in a variety of Indian languages. This would be beneficial to businesses that want to establish a digital presence within local communities.

Helo is a platform for businesses that are driven by localization. This newbie in the sea of social media has options to customize feeds in the language a user prefers.

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This is a unique feature offered by Helo India that cuts out content from non-preferred languages and presents users the content they wish to consume. For businesses, this feature opens up the opportunity of far more visibility. With the absence of content from undesired languages, the ideas pushed by businesses can garner more screen time. In terms of visibility, it has the potential of making a business stand out that could have been lost in the traditional platforms.

While giving businesses greater visibility to their audience, it also allows them to focus their branding on a specific group on Helo. For example, if a chef from Amritsar wishes to promote his newly opened café, specialized in Punjabi cuisines, the chef can select Punjabi language and promote its business through video and text content to all the Punjabi users.

This feature also opens new dynamics to grow small businesses. If word of mouth goes well, the chef can also start receiving catering orders from states dominated by Punjabi cultures like Delhi and neighboring Haryana. This is how one may leverage the power of Helo, its user base and its features to gain popularity among regions.

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