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I Feel Empty

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The sky is empty, yet Filled. I don’t know how should I describe, how I am feeling right now. So just penning down, what my mind and heart want to.
Starring at the blank sky, I surrender, all my thoughts, I want to speak, I want to tell a story, I want to laugh harder, but looking at the sky, I just smiled. Feeling Empty, having many but no one to speak, having many to share laughter, but not my thoughts. For a moment, I felt like I am same as the sky, Empty, always there, filled with elements.
I want to speak, I want to share all my thoughts, things that are haunting me, making me nervous, things that make me laugh and not smile, but do I have anyone’s ear? Nopes.
Looking at the sky, I smiled, telling, I feel you. I feel that emptiness, you feel every day. Being there always, looking at the time passing by, with the elements changing, yet standing Still, with changing colours of time, giving others hope, that peace when they look up to you.
Today, I felt empty like you, but I had you, whom I could look up to. No, there’s nothing that’s hurting me, or I want to speak up. I just want to talk, endlessly. Today, once again, Like earlier I look up to you, to share my sadness, to talk.
Ending this note, here, if you are reading this, Smile, talk to the ones you love, talk endlessly, tell them stories, laugh. Life is too small, the sky is still, changing colours with time.
Once again, penning down my Unfinished Masterpiece.

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