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Interview with Arpit Dugar – Author of Half-Life.

About the Author

Arpit Dugar is one of the most beloved Indian novelist, storyteller, entrepreneur and educationist. His books have been national bestsellers. He is a crackling storyteller, he has conducted storytelling sessions with nearly half a million students by now.

He is a motivational speaker, a visionary educator, he has been training teachers and mentoring educators across schools, colleges in India, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Malaysia.

Arpit wrote his first novel ‘Nothing For You My Dear’ in nine months at age 22. It was published in
2009 followed by ‘Not Yet To Be Disclosed’ in 2014 and Half-Life in 2020.

In 2009, Arpit co-founded an educational venture In 2012, he opened a training
academy in Jaipur, India. In 2013, he co-founded the Flying Pen Publications house. He also spent four years coaching students for soft-skills, mathematics, literature, technology and design.

Arpit lives in Dubai. He contributes to a variety of literary and educational programs across schools, colleges and universities. He has plans to turn to full-time writing.


1: Why this genre? If you have to write in some other genre what that would be?

   My books circumscribe around the incidents of my life, the character of Rohit portrays a bit of real me and my experiences. Given a choice, I would love to write either on extraterrestrial life or parallel energy. 

2: Your favorite part from the book?
I remember writing the Shivpuri incident with utmost joy as I could re-create the minutest details. Also, it displayed the unity and affection amongst the friends.

3: Tell us about the idea behind the book?

After the success of my first two books, ‘Nothing for you my dear’ and ‘Not yet to be disclosed’, my readers wanted me to pick incidents from my life and write more. Fortunately or unfortunately, my life has always been a roller coaster and I could pick a few of the memorable ones and create the premise for this book.  

4: How much time it took in the process of writing?
It took nearly 8 months to finish writing the script and then a month of interaction with the publishers.

5: What did the process of writing this book taught you?

Writing is a divine task somebody does in life. You leave a legacy for generations. The whole process inspired me to contemplate more about the nuances of things around us.  

6: What inspired you to write this book ?

Some incidents in life are better explained when written. And people must get an opportunity to rejoice in them as well. 

7: 5 books one must read in lifetime

I will pick from different genres, 

  1. Deception Point – Dan Brown 
  2. P.S I love You – Cecelia Ahern
  3. The Serious Men – Manu Joseph
  4. Mein Kemph – Adolf Hitler
  5. Mahabharat – various compilations   

8: A book that had an impact on you, which helped you in writing this one?

Honestly, every book leaves an impact to some extent. There is always a scope of grasping something good and creative from any read. For, ‘Half-Life’ not some book but the real life incidents helped. 

9: Tell us about your publishing journey in 5 words.

It was exhausting yet fulfilling.

10: A quote, para from the book that inspires you?

 Life is full of good and bad moments, ups and downs, things to look forward to and setbacks. Getting trapped in some unwanted situation never remains in your control but coming out of it certainly requires the right faith and use of right knowledge at the right time.

11: Tell us about your future plans? Planning a new book?

I wish to start writing on extraterrestrials very soon. 

12: What is literary success for you?
Literature gives you more than one life, it makes your soul immortal. Certainly a work should reach in more hands but that doesn’t define the success or failure of it. To be able to express the thoughts on a piece of paper and touch a heart is a literary success for me.

13: A message for all the readers .

Reading makes you imagine, makes you feel, makes you see, makes you listen, makes you smell the things, the emotions, the places you have never seen before. It makes you dive into a world full of new perspectives, new ideas and opens immense opportunities for self exploration. Do stick to one habit in your life amongst all, read consistently.  

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