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Interview with Neil David Chan – Author of The Higher Conversation

Neil David Chan is an author of book The Higher Conversation. A beautiful book that talks about connecting with ourselves, our Soul. It’s about Neil’s conversations with his own soul. It’s a journey full of questions, it’s a journey where we seek answers through Neil’s journey. A journey that will help us connect with ourselves. A journey full of inspiration and Lessons.


Why this genre? If you have to write in some other genre what that would be?


Your favourite part from the book?

Human beings no longer respect the planet and its atmosphere like they did in the past. This relationship is now fully broken. Our relationship with our body, mind, and soul is also broken. Our relationships with humanity as a whole, with our community, with our close family and with our neighbors are also broken in many ways. We no longer understand how to create, sustain, and grow relationships.

This is where my higher conversation begins, from all of these broken relationships. Relativity and physicality are two very important aspects of our life on earth. Breaking relationships in both areas is neither evolution nor elevation of our species. We cannot grow and develop until we mend this. So I started my quest, a search to discover my soul. This ended up in a beautiful relationship. This is a higher relationship and a higher conversation.

Tell us about the idea behind the book?

It’s been 3000 years since the Hindu Upanishads were published, Since then our world has seen many religions and many great spiritual teachers and writers emerge, all of which and whom gave humanity, religious and spiritual wisdom. We have not been able to change, our world has not changed. We are more violent than our cave ancestors. In the place of a stone club as a weapon, we have advanced guns. Both weapons kill. So what has 3000 years of wisdom given us? I thought to myself what was the missing element. It then came to me that our world cannot change unless we as an individual change as an I. 

After all humanity is but a collection of individuals. That is when I understood what FATE was – Fate stands for –  For All Thoughts Everywhere.  This is where I began to search inward. The Upanishads call it Atman, my book calls it Soul. Upanishads say Atman is the thematic focus of all Vedanta and the abiding spirit behind every living being. My book describes Soul as the principal element of the body-mind -soul triality.

I read the Upanishads, the Bhagwat Gita, the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the teachings of Buddha and spiritual writers like Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, Helen Schueman, Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama.  So much of wisdom and yet we did not change. This is where I reached out to my soul, the missing element. The rest was a great conversation.   

How much time it took in the process of writing?

It took me 2 years to read and one year to write.

What did the process of writing this book taught you?

That a conversation with your soul is not only possible but the only way for an individual to become another way to be human. Our past ways to be human has not worked. This new way can help us change our past and create a new future.

What inspired you to write this book ? 5 books one must read in lifetime

The Upanishads for sure.

Eckhart Tolle’s “The power of Now”

Alan Watts – “ Does It Matter”

Joseph Campbell’s “The power of Myth”

 Dalai Lama’s “ The Art of Happiness”

A book that had an impact on you, which helped you in writing this one?

Not one book, but many as all of the five above. I discovered the missing element – My Soul from reading all of the above. 

Tell us about your publishing journey in 5 words.

Another Way To Be Human.

A quote, para from the book that inspires you?

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity touched and improved upon the science of elementary particles and their fundamental interactions and transformed theoretical physics and astronomy during the 20th century, giving rise to general and special relativity. Relativity is a very critical component of human relationships and physical life. It’s the essential smart core. All human relationships also carry these very same principles of special and general relativity as discovered by Einstein.

The order of discovery should have been the other way around. From the understanding of human relativity, the relativity among other particles in the universe should have followed. We got the order wrong again. This only shows that while we search for the secrets of the universe, the secrets of human life in our earth continue to stay hidden.

We have all grown up the Euclidean way, named after the Alexandrian Greek mathematician Euclid. That’s the only way we know, our minds are conditioned, and hence we are unable to see things in any other way. This conditioning, over the years has hardened, disabling us from seeing anything in a new light or through a new filter. A conversation with our soul can help remove this conditioning.

Tell us about your future plans? Planning a new book?

I am writing my second book – SEREN. It’s a Sci-Fi. I fictionalized my first book as a life in a far away imaginary planet. In this book people who live in this planet is how another way to be human looks like. Please visit my website – to read more about my second book.

What is literary success for you?

For an opportunity to tell everyone how important it is to have a conversation with your Soul. I did not write my book to tell you how to have a conversation with your soul, rather how a conversation  with your soul can look like so that you may start your own conversation with your soul.

A message for all the readers.

In order to elevate ourselves in our human evolution, we need to discard our need to survive and replace it with our need to know who we really are – A being of love, living in joy, at peace with all of life. Only our Soul can help us to realize this. 3000 years of wisdom has not helped, a conversation with our Soul will. Simple as that.

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