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Interview with Puneet Pundir- Author of Fifteen minutes fifteen Seconds.

Puneet Pundir is the author of the book Fifteen Minutes – Fifteen Seconds: Into the Dream Realm.

It’s a story of A young boy who goes on a pilgrimage in the lap of Himalayas, where a tragedy strikes and shatters his heart. This quantum leap unravels various layers of life, spirituality and mysteries behind it.

Why this genre? If you have to write in some other genre what that would be?

 I chose spiritual fiction  because it gives us some hints of the unseen. It gives us hope in all situations. It gives us sense of feeling that no matter how worse a condition is there might still be a chance for some miracle which can correct everything.

 Anything I would write, I want to give a touch of mysticism to it. But I would like to go into the humor genre one day.

Your favorite part from the book?

 I like the part when Arya meets The Gatekeepers.

Tell us about the idea behind the book?

Well the book discusses that is it possible to change the psychological or genetical habits of the mind and for that does it need a long duration of time or it can be achieved with just one click .

How much time it took in the process of writing?

I am a businessman and a father of two toddlers but I make sure that whatever idea comes to my mind I write them down and fair them as soon as I get time. so it took almost 6 to 7 months to write this book. 

What did the process of writing this book taught you?

The more I was writing , the more I felt that I don’t have even a fraction of knowledge which mother nature has to offer.

What inspired you to write this book ?

 I read various types of books, mainly spiritual . I just like to read. In reading I realised these authors are in their way giving some part of there life to the society. So I also felt this need to share my experiences which I gained in my meditation through a story. Moreover I would like to encourage the youth to take interest in yoga right now because  when they’ll be old and will not be able to sit even in any simple yoga Asana. So I am just giving back my bit to society.

5 books one must read in lifetime

 -Autobiography of a yogi by Paramhamsa Yogananda

-Ashtavakra Mahagita( Osho’s audio discourse is very good)

-Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

– Intuition by Osho

– The mystic eye by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev

A book that had an impact on you, which helped you in writing this one?

 My spiritual journey started 13-14 years ago with the Autobiography of aYogi. So I would say it had a deep impact on all areas of my life.

Tell us about your publishing journey in 5 words.

 It was piece of Cake.

A quote, para from the book that inspires you?

 Sometimes there are no answers or maybe it is better that there is no answer or maybe there should be a state of confusion.  Because sometimes a question is so pure that it should be eternal and answer from any single entity for that question should never be recorded as it may harm the purity of that question. Each seeker himself should seek answer for that question.

Tell us about your future plans? Planning a new book?

 Yes, I am writing a Thriller spiritual fiction in Hindi. And it will take little time to finish as till last night I have written only about 7400 words.

What is literary success for you?

 For me if a text is understood by reader in same sense and intensity as the author has written it than I would say it is the literary success for that author

A message for all the readers 

I would like to convey that everyone should have faith in their intuition. If we can make ourselves still for a moment then we can know where are we coming from and where are we going. These are the two worlds where people live mostly.

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