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Interview With Vijayata Singh- Author Of Book No Cradle For Her.

About the Author:

 Author Vijayata Singh is from the northern part of India. Born in a family of a highly ambitious farmer family. She did her schooling in Delhi NCR & have almost a decade of working experience in the industry. Professionally an engineer & MBA is always into writing since she was a child. Being a Mother, her belief and philosophy is in nurturing & caring every possible life.
She writes inspirational, motivational, life quotes and poetry in various subjects, unbounded, unboxed imaginations!“ No Cradle For Her” a piece of poetry is her first book, which enlarged emotions & deep sense of belonging of every detached child!!


The book is on crucial topic, have you planned it or it just happened as you wrote?

I used to write since were 12 years old, but it was not a regular or specific writing. But I always wanted to write a novel(fiction)where I can pour all the distress & agony of every child gone through, who are separated by any good or no reasons from their families.

I think a natural development of life depends mostly on the environment and surroundings, which has to be natural and peaceful. So, writing was always in plan but writing in a poetic way was a sudden thought.

Poetry is something which can express you in least words with density!

How much time did it take in the process of writing?

I started writing this book in Feb 2020. I had these 20 to 25 poetries which were roughly written in my diary which I used to read to some of my nearest friends. So, every time I read something to them they always appreciate the concept & the meaning behind the words and pushes me to write a book!

So, it was lockdown then, & a lot of things were changing around, I felt the urge of peace in mind and just started writing and keep writing for a month, so it took almost 3 months which include editing!

What did the process of writing this book teach you?

There was a lot in me, which was stuck somewhere & I wanted to process it by sharing with the world, that a child’s childhood is very crucial and the most soliciting part of any being which has to be handled carefully and dedicatedly, only then a proper balanced neurological system can develop & that is what we perceive and deceive!!

Which is your favourite poem from the book? Why? 

For me, all are equally vital. Since the book speaks towards bright and that is the only hope of survival. I like “And she escaped”, “Speaking walls” & “Lullaby” the most.

I believe the ending should always be constructive.The book shows the pain, strength, trust, escape, freedom, selfsame & the presence of the Lord who is suffering along with the child, who is always there in form of anyone around or far away!!

If you have to add few more poems, on which topic those poems would be?

I think time makes you wiser and widen your perspective.

So I would like to write a few lines for the other way around. But we always have a choice, we can accept the situation and blame the world by torching someone or we can fight to choose right, & do justice to that decision.

This book is not limited to one, it keep going back & forth & keep questioning the choices!!

What inspired you to write this book?

That little brave girl, who want me to get free and to breathe, to move ahead, to choose the right, to stand for justice, to speak for equality.

I felt words are extremely powerful if they poured into a poem or odyssey or sonnets!

Writing balances your in & out!!

5 books one must read in a lifetime

“No cradle for her” I must include it, isn’t it?

“The colour  purple” by Alice Walker 

“The Mahabharata Quest” by Christopher Doyle

“Bengal Nights” by Mircea Elide

A book that had an impact on you, which helped you in writing this one?

Not as such! As I mentioned it’s a sudden thought and my strength is in writing poetries!!

Your favourite part from the book is?

The book is described in three parts, the second one is my favourite where a journey begins from detachment and ends with the inner realisation of freedom. The best part is the character isn’t blaming anyone.

All is that the character seeking a sense of belonging & questioning the choices!!

Tell us about your plans? Planning a new book?

Yes, actually I had contributed in one book “ one step ahead” as one of the 25 female writers, & there is another book “A book of quotes as Expression of every Souls”.

A part of that I’m planning to write another poetic book of stories for children. Let’s see when can be possible

I’m not sure when I’m going to start it!

but that surely be full of poetries and stories!!

How your life changed after the book was published?

I think I become more me now.I can see two sides of the coin prominently.

What is a literary success for you?

I think it’s just a satisfaction of your inner greed. Everyone has a different definition of satisfaction.

For me reading a poetry with compression  & expression is much satisfactory than just a post!!

A message for all the readers

Dear Readers,

You are doing a great job by investing your time in reading which leads to a great thought process “the more you read, the more you think and the more broader you can see”

Do read my book “ No cradle for her” I’m sure the poetry’s would justify every read!

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