Interview with Words of Akshay – The must read.

Interview with Words of Akshay – The must read.

When Akshay contacted me for an Interview, I agreed. Knowing him for quite a long time, I knew it would be an interesting conversation. When we started the interview, I was astound by the amount of research he did.

There are some interesting questions about many things that he asked, that no one knew, until now.

Thank you Akshay for this opportunity.

Check his website here.

Check the video here.

Podcast: Vidhya Thakkar on her journey of becoming a Book Reviewer - The Must Read

Vidhya Thakkar is a well known Book Reviewer. We are glad to have her at our podcast discussing about her journey with Book Reviving. She has been at her candid best with this podcast, and definitely a lot to learn for aspiring reviewers. You can follow her on Instagram or visit her Website.

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