It’s okay! !

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Her life was mess

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Carrying all her sadness
So she burried herself
In the wonderland of madness
Tired of life
Atlast she said
It’s  okay

People said she is happily
Living her dream
But they never know it’s just a cake without cream
Her dream is already broken
It’s just the magic of smile  Atlast she said
It’s  okay

She walk alone miles and miles
Spreading all smiles
Though she have none
But pretends to have one
People believed she’s fine
While it was just mask of being kind because
Altast she said it’s okay

No one knew she was already died
People considerd her smiling  doll
But they didn’t knew
It was just a body with dead soul
Because atlast she said it’s okay

Hiding all her sadness
In the world of madness
With mess life
She took herself to the wonderland of madness

Wiping of tears
With new hope
Wearing her mask
She went on
It’s okay !!

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