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राधे राधे

After a wonderful visit from Pinjore Garden (Yadavindra Gardens) – a Marvelous Mughal Garden near Chandigarh let’s go to Nathdwara (Shrinathji)

I went there when I was 11 Years old. It was our first family trip. It’s one of the memorable trip of my life. Wanna know why? Imagine when monkey snatches Mango and push you back? When you broke your specs because of monkeys or when you try weird food or when your driver doesn’t even know about the place nor language? Or when monkeys are scared of the driver?. Well, you can now imagine the situations.

There are so many beliefs about the temple. Some say Lord manifest as a seven-year-old child, while the Srinathji deity self-manifested from stone and emerged from the Govardhan Hills and then shifted to Nathdwara.

It’s an important place for Vaishnav’s and Pustimargi. Shrinathji Temple is also known as ‘Haveli of Shrinathji.



HOW to Reach.

In the lap of Aravallis, along the banks of the Banas river is the charming temple town of Nathdwara in Rajasthan. You can reach there by Train, by Flight, bus or by private vehicle. It’s 45 Km Away from Udaipur, 113 Kms away from Falna and 30 mins away from Malvi.

You can take a train going to Udaipur or Falna. You can get down at Malvi as it’s the nearest station from Nathdwara.

You can take a flight to Udaipur and then go to Nathdwara by vehicle. There is a bus service, taxi’s available.


In Nathdwara, there are some wonderful hotels. We have always stayed at the NEW COTTAGE. It’s 5 Mins away from the temple and a very good place to stay. The ambience is perfect with a garden and some monkeys.

There are some amazing hotels of Vaishnav Samaj, Gujarati Samaj where you can have a peaceful stay.


You’ll find Marvari taste there. We have had our meals at Maharaja hotel always. It’s a few mins away from the new cottage and temple.

Also, Try thor that you get from the temple. Well, again do not forget to have Kullad ki chai here and Rabdi.

You must visit:


Witness the glory of the Udaipur City Palace. Udaipur is just 45 km away from Nathdwara. It’s a beautiful city you’ll fall in love with. There are some amazing Palaces, Sahelio ki Bari Garden and boating.


The only place where there’s Bhrama ji’s Temple. It’s a few kilometres away from Nathdwara. A Beautiful Place to Visit. It’s situated at Pushkar Lake to which its legend has an indelible link. The temple is one of the very few existing temples.


Again, Few kilometres away from Nathdwara there’s a beautiful Dwarkadeesh temple adjacent Rajsamand Lake. Cool soothing breeze, the calming ambience will make you fall in love with the place.


Witness the glory of Maharana Pratap Mewad Rajput and Chetak horse. The battle between the Mewars and the Mughals. It’s a wonderful place to visit.


A Jain temple with breathtaking architecture. It’s few kilometres away from Udaipur and a little far from Nathdwara. Ranakpur is widely known for its marble Jain temple, said to be the most spectacular of the Jain temples There is also a small Sun temple 

Eklingji Temple

Do not forget to visit this wonderful temple of Lord Shiva. It’s half an hour drive from Nathdwara.It has one of the amazing architecture and hold a special importance in Mewar history

What to Buy

How can the list end without a shopping list? You can buy some Traditional Rajasthani Mojaris or Pichvai for God. Here you can get very good stuff for Lord Krishna. You can get ornaments, vastras, shringar and many more things. You can also buy some beautiful paintings.  Also some attars or perfumes, wooden craftssilver craft and pottery.  Also some wonderful Polki, Kundan and Meenakari jewellery.

Well here’s the journey of Nathdwara Now the train will stop at Nagaland by Supriya.

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  1. Vartika Gakhar

    The beginning of the post and situations mentioned made me giggle but that’s the fun of traveling na. I have been to Nathdwara during my Rajasthan trip in 2012. A beautiful place indeed it is. Kakroli and Ranakpur are the new names for me though. Love the freshness of this post.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Hehee thank you

  2. Ujjwal Mishra

    One more amazing place in India…. My FIL was posted in jaipur for a couple of year. At that time I have visited a few of rhese places… But I missed aome too. Will catch up soon ?

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Awwww i love jaipur

    2. Esha Chakraborty

      Hadnt heard of this place before.. Thank you for sharing this… And I must say I love the sound of Ranakpur… I think I heard of it in some movie. Great post

      1. vidhya thakkar

        Hehe its a beautiful place

  3. mylittleduniya

    Srinathji is simply a mesmerizing place, but I feel the old place where Srinathji’s Murthy was placed before bringing it to Nathji temple is more peaceful and less crowded.
    And I enjoyed the food over there. The rabri, masala doodh and very special purple yam dishes are something you will never get anywhere else.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Yessss so true

  4. Super post! My MIL went to Nathdwara a few years ago. I’ve been wanting to but haven’t had the opportunity. ☺️

    1. vidhya thakkar

      do visit! it’s beautiful

  5. Mayuri Nidigallu

    I am a big believer of Srinathji and Nathdwara is on my wish list for ages now. Waiting for him to summon me. Thanks for the warning about the monkeys. I am terrified of them!

  6. For someone who has come from Ahmedabad, visiting Nathdwara is an annual must do trip. Most marwaris/agrawal baniyas and gujaratis believe in Lord Shrinathji. We have been many times to Udaipur, Eklingaji and Nathdwara, however I still need to visit Pushkar. That is on my list.

  7. Aditi Kapur

    Another great place added to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing:)

  8. Sudarshan

    Heyya!! You are also a travel Blogger!! Great work!!

  9. Sanjota Purohit

    11 years old? You have a great memory Vidhya 🙂 I have never been to this place. Should visit once with the family. Thanks for introducing this place in #xplorebharat.

  10. Prerna wahi

    Well written post and made me want to visit this place. Btw monkey incident happened with me too when he snatched a full big packet of blue lays from my hand and went off. I was just relieved that I was holding the chips and not my son!

  11. Manas Mukul

    I did a Rajasthan trip last year but missed it. Nice post with good information.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  12. Saba

    A nicely done post with all the facts very intact and precise. Loved the way you portrayed the place. Looks a rich place to visit in terms of cultural treasures.

  13. Suhasini

    I couldn’t stop giggling after your first para. I can very well imagine at it, I used to have these problems in our Tiruapati trips always

  14. Sudip Saha

    Thanks for the virtual tour. Would love to visit this place in person.

  15. Ajit

    Have always heard of the majesty of Nathdwara and the Shrinathji temple. Never been though, in person. For the time being, this virtual tour does the job for me. 🙂

    Thanks for the wonderful post.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      Hehe thank youuu

  16. arv

    I’m yet to explore these places. I assume Pushkar is a bit too far unlike Nathdwara.

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