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Like The Radiant Sun by Anu Kay – Book Review

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Author: Anu Kay
Publisher: The Write Place

Writing Style


The characters are well sketched by the author.Not to forget an unbelievable climax that will astound you. The cover and title have my heart.



Reading this book had its own experience, the curiosity to know what will happen next and how would it end made me read this book in one sitting.

Thrillers with a blend of drama and adventures is the best combination, isn’t it? I discovered this brilliant read that you must not skip.

Anu Kay’s Like a Radiant sun is an interesting journey with a perfect blend of drama, mystery and adventures. Set across several states in India and Mansarovar, Rohan Sharma an archaeologist discovers the Marma Kala script during the renovation of the temple. What is this script about? Strange events are happening around him as he tries to decode the mystery behind the script. Who is the mysterious person helping him? And why?

With an intriguing plot and gripping narration, Anu Kay takes us on an adventure with mystery and unexpected twists. The story gets darker and more exciting with every chapter, making the readers curious about what will happen next.

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It’s a well-researched and well-detailed read with a fantastic storyline. The author brilliantly captures readers’ attention with drama and mystery.

Loved the way Rohan unravels the mystery behind the script. How he decoded the strange mysteries happening around him, the people he is meeting and the interactions he had with each of them.

With a gripping, engaging writing style, it’s a pleasant read that you are going to enjoy. With each chapter, the story gets more and more exciting. Loved the way the events were taking place. Though at times It can get a bit heavy but it’s all worth the read in the end.

The characters are well sketched by the author. Neela’s character captured my attention while the character of Rohan had my heart. I loved reading about Neela. One could relate to each of the characters. Not to forget an unbelievable climax that will astound you. The cover and title have my heart.

Overall, it’s a refreshing read with a brilliant storyline and an intriguing plot. Do not skip this one.


The story of a manuscript
Archaeologist Rohan Sharma is in Varanasi to renovate the Shiva temple. He stumbles upon the Marma Kala, an ancient manuscript on martial arts. A woman with dreadlocked hair crosses his path. He notices her following him, watching him. His own life plunges into danger when he tries to decipher the cryptic manuscript. As he goes deeper into the labyrinth of secrecy, a series of murders takes place. His journey across the Old World brings new light to the history of the manuscript. When he finally meets the most inspiring luminary of humankind, it takes him a while to recognise the master…

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