Love – not just a word !

Love is sacrifice
it is sacrifice or one’s happiness
first, even i didn’t believed in it and considered as there’s nothing like love
but yeah,ones you fall in love its mix feeling,it is beautiful as well as worst
that phase teaches you everything in life
it also tells you how much we are important as well the other side tells you how you fell when you make a person important and that person considers you nothing
it shows how one can be possessive and over-possessive for person,as well as it shows how  over possessiveness breaks a relation, while some love that possessiveness.
it shows how your day starts and ends with one person as well as it shows how your day goes missing that person.wishing that,that person miss you as much as you miss them.
for the one who are in love-it must be amazing feeling of being loved, but for the one who had breakup or had failed in love knows the real meaning of LOVE !
its the time when you need to choose between two love and faith. because at that time its your test if you let love go then you will never able to live and if faith goes you will never able to trust. let them both go hand in hand. let the love in yourself be alive and yeah,have faith in your love,know your love,have faith that how much a person go away from you, no matter how many new person comes in his life but no one can take your place and if your love is true no matter what happens that person will come back to you !
people say right one never leave you but yeah, wrong one teaches you and makes you aware of love and if it doesn’t hurt it isn’t love.and no one is always right

Love-is all about trust in yourself because two souls are one and yeah,don’t be sad if you fail once

Remember if god takes you to it he will also take you through it !

Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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