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Many Unsaid Things

Well, Today it’s not about Books but one of those mad moments I had. Sharing one of the poetry I Wrote.

When the sun hits dawn,
When the moon shines bright,
Her smile starts disappearing,
As she lifts off the weight she has carried,
All day with her laughter.

No one notices her silence,
No one notices, is she smiling or is she laughing,
No one knows what’s on her mind,
With a smile, she runs the show.

She walks a lil faster,
Away from the crowd,
Not because she doesn’t want to interact,
Because she doesn’t want to break down and say her thoughts loud.

No one notices the change she has gone through,
Some call it transformation
While she keeps killing herself
Every moment.

Going away from the people she loves
For the people, she cares for
She runs runs away from them
As she realises at the end
It’s going to be her and her alone.

As she lifts the mask of smile,
Tears fall, making her realise
This battle she has to fight alone.

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