Mumbai’s 2.5 million school going children can dream to become authors.

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In a first of its kind initiative, Crossword Bookstores has conceptualized a program “I Want to Be an Author” 
Students across Mumbai’s schools will be encouraged to submit their short stories. The maximum possible number of stories, written by the children, will be shortlisted and published in a book format by The Write Place ( the publishing arm of Crossword Bookstores) and retailed through Crossword Bookstores across 33 cities in the country.

The process also involves mentoring and felicitation of the young authors by some of the most reputed and renowned authors of India.
Maulik Desai, Head Crossword Bookstores says, “This is the first of its kind school initiative by CROSSWORD which provides students from Class 5 to Class 10 with a credible platform to
–          Showcase their skills while interacting with iconic authors of India
–    Become famous by having their story published by “The Write Place” the publishing arm of Crossword.
We are delighted to launch this initiative with Podar.”
Welcoming Crossword Bookstores to Podar Education Group, Raghav Podar, Trustee says, “I have no doubt in my mind that our children will unleash their imagination and surprise us with their talent and ability. India has often been hailed as a laboratory for enterprise and innovation. “I Want To Be An Author” is a unique initiative to channel that spirit and know-how into stories that only our youngsters can write.This is a great opportunity, that will be rolled out to the 2.5 million school going children in Mumbai city.”

Anup Jerajani, Head, The Write Place explained the “I Want To Be An Author” program to an audience of rapt students at a gathering at the school. He shared, “many young authors have found their voice with us and have published through ‘The Write Place’ such as Sanya Runwal author of Ten Dollar Bride and Abhishek Roy, author of Father of The Gods.”
Principal Vandana Lulla of Podar International School encouraged the children to give voice to their aspirations and participate. Speaking at the event, she said, “Our mission is create 21st century learners. Creativity is a very important factor in this mission and that is what this is all about. A very good opportunity is being given by Crossword Bookstores for getting yourself published.”
Also present at the event were teen authors  Vinayak Mittal author of ‘Crossroads’ and Abhishek Roy, author of ‘Father of Gods’.

Vinayak Mittal who wrote his first novel ‘Crossroads’ at the age of 13 said, “ In this era we all have opportunities lying at our doorstep. An opportunity will go wasted if we do not use them. Why only some of you? All of you can become authors and get your stories published by “The Write Place”. None of us lack imagination. Just imagine and keep writing. It is okay if you fall or face rejection, but what if you fly?”
Teen author Abhishek Roy added, “Many people ask me why I write. The answer is simple, writing actually allows me to stretch my imagination beyond boundaries. Writing has an amazing power. Writing gives you the power to express yourself in ways. Just make the most if this activity and keep writing as much as you can.”

Budding authors from Std 5th to 10th, across Mumbai’s schools can write to​. The students can send in thier stories till December 31, 2017.​

This initiative is powered by Cello TriStar.

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