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Not You Please by Anuradha Dev – Book Review

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Author: Anuradha Dev
Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers

Writing Style


“Not You Please” is a lighthearted, entertaining read that you can count on for a good time. The climax is unexpected and leaves the readers astounded



•You need to believe in yourself more.•

It’s Book 42 of 2023, a delightful, enjoyable read that you can count on.
“Not you please” by Anuradha Dev tells the sweet captivating story of Mishti and Vikram.

Mishti is a smart, lovely, and endearing girl who often underestimates herself. Her passion for literature and writing sets her apart from others. Vikram Shethi is a handsome, charming heartthrob in school who can win anyone’s heart except for Mishti’s.

Mishti despises Vikram and his confidence, but Vikram’s mind and heart find ways to connect with her. What will happen next? Will their paths cross? Will they ever become friends? It’s a Bollywood-style story that is highly entertaining and exciting.
The plot of the story is thrilling and to the point. Anuradha Dev weaves a captivating tale with themes of love, friendship, heartbreak, and happiness, as well as self-love, jealousy, and a hazy childhood. The narrative is crisp and descriptive, keeping readers engrossed with each chapter.

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This book will make you feel nostalgic, reminding you of your first relationship. It’s a fast-paced story with lots of drama. Anuradha’s writing style is gripping and engaging, and the readers can relate to the characters and situations well.

Mishti’s character is admirable, with her bold attitude and her efforts to protect her heart, Her conversations with Vikram and her attempts to not fall for him are endearing and bring a smile to one’s face. The book does have some unnecessary details, like book discussions and debates, that make it slightly tedious, but it’s still worth reading, as the readers root for Mishti and Vikram.

Another thing that stands out in the book is the relationship that Mishti shares with her parents. Their conversations are heartwarming and add depth to the story.

The characters are beautifully sketched by the author. You’ll fall for Vikram’s charm, Mishti’s attitude, and wish for a friend like Megha in your life. The book also emphasizes the fact that one cannot trust everybody, and that everyone has their own secrets and equations with each other. However, things can be mended by talking them out, as Nancy and Vikram’s bond demonstrates. The climax is unexpected and leaves the readers astounded, and the last few chapters are particularly exciting.

Overall, “Not You Please” is a lighthearted, entertaining read that you can count on for a good time.


Since the first time he humiliated her in middle school, Mishti has never seen Vikram as anything but an arrogant bully-gorgeous, but a bully just the same. Despite the fact that they attend the same high school, she’s managed to avoid him after all, it’s not like they run in the same social circles. But the year before graduation, their English teacher assigns Mishti and Vikram to a group project along with Saahil, Mishti’s crush. The timing couldn’t be worse…because this project has the potential to make or break Mishti’s high school career. To get into New York University, her dream college, Mishti has to make this trio work. 

As they’re forced to spend time together, Mishti is prepared for Vikram to be a lot of things-irresponsible, lazy, rude-but the last thing she expects is to like him. 

But with a history of hurt to get over, and a perfect guy like Saahil vying for her attention, will Mishti be able to trust Vikram with her heart again? 

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