On the Second day of Navratri, Sunshine, Learn to Believe – #9daysofsunshine .

On the Second day of Navratri, Sunshine, Learn to Believe – #9daysofsunshine .

Dear Sunshine,

Learn to believe. Learn to believe what you feel and not what others day. Sunshine, there will be times when you won’t be able to differentiate between the right and wrong, the truth and the lies, at that time, sunshine believe what your heart says.

Sunshine, Remember, It’s easy to trust someone, what’s difficult is to believe them when others don’t. That’s when you’ll learn sunshine. That’s when you’ll know how true you are or how much others can trust you.

Sunshine, there will be a time when others might not trust you, but sunshine don’t regret. Don’t think that you choose the wrong person or you went wrong. Be the same with everyone, with that person too. Don’t let that negativity affect you sunshine. Just don’t. Keep calm and things will be the same soon, but the bond will be Lil different right?

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Maybe next time, you won’t be able to share the same bond with that person. But then, you’ll learn to tackle that phase too, isn’t it? Sunshine, Before you believe someone, learn to believe yourself first.

Learn to trust yourself, your words and your actions. Learn to choose, sunshine. Learn to let go.

Let’s celebrate these powerful days with 
#9daysofsunshine with Vidhya Thakkar.


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