Rescue by Shreejit Nair – Book Review.

Rescue by Shreejit Nair – Book Review.

Author : Shreejit Nair
Publisher: Notion Press
Rating: 4/5


Rescue by is a story of Samarth who wanted to make his family proud, fell in a trap. Always tasting failures, he wanted to taste success and he got a chance when he met Iqbal. Success or trap? Greed or love? Things changed when Prithvi became their friend. That guiding angel.

The plot of the story is interesting filled with twists, making the reader curious, about the coming twists.
I loved the story-line of the book. It has a journey of people who struggled and came out stronger. A story of love, friendship and family.

The crisp and engaging narration and a smooth pace make this book more intriguing. The characters were well developed by the author.
I loved Prithvi’s character the most from the start and the way the author described his personality, is quite astounding.

I liked how each character had their own journey wonderfully described by the author. The drama, the dialogues, everything was upto the point.

It’s not only the story of Samarth, but all those who’s destiny changed with time. Who faced struggles in their own way. Be it unrequited love, or fear of expressing love, or waiting for that perfect moment to express or misunderstandings.

The way the events were sequenced, makes this book more intriguing. This book has it all with a strong message of ‘choosing the correct path’. Love reading a book filled with twists and a light read? Do not skip this one.

Why this book?

-Filled with twists
– An amazing story-line 
– Full of Lessons and Drama
– An engaging Writing Style.


Samarth and his brothers have been assigned with a secret task. For these four adolescents chafing under the daily monotony of school, parental controls and perceived humiliations, this is their big opportunity, they believe, to achieve recognition and importance. Under wraps, they plunge into action, unaware of the deadly ghouls preying on them. But before they fully understand the consequences of their project, events overtake them in a most unexpected way. They realise that while living a secret life in the teeming streets of the city, their own little paradise has turned into an inferno, a manmade hell.

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