Book Review: Love Curry by Pankaj Dubey

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Author: Pankaj Dubey
Publishers: Penguin Publishers
Rating: 3.5/5

Summary:Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai
Three flat mates in London begin to see how different their lives are and at the same time how similar their backgrounds. And when life begins to deal its rough cards, how easy things become when they are all together!
Ali is a Pakistani chef with the dream of setting up his own nihari restaurant. Shehzad is a cool tattoo artist from Bangladesh with a broken past and Rishi is an Indian with nondescript skills and trying to hide himself from the world.
They all make one mistake—that of falling in love—with the same girl. They become arch-rivals. But when their worlds turn topsy-turvy, they have no one but each other to turn to, learning that love is as much about letting go as it is about possessing.
Equally thoughtful as it is entertaining, sensitive as it is quirky, Love Curry is a glimpse of life truly to its fullest!

Love curry is a story of three friends from different countries who falls in love with the same girl. What will happen when they come to know, that each one is dating the same girl. Shehzad from Bangladesh who is a tattoo artist, Ali from Pakistan who is a chef and Rishi from India who is unable to stick to a job falls in love with Zeenat.

The cover of the book is interesting, so is the title. How the story started, I felt like it will be another romantic story, but then as the story proceeds, it’s much more than a typical love story. The three friends who stood by each other whenever they faced problems. the plot of the story is interesting. The narration of the story is smooth, crisp with lots of humour.The quirky dialogues and the concept of food being constant throughout the story. Their love for food unites them. It’s a fresh read like a complete Bollywood movie. The story has twists and turns with lots of fun. The pace of the story is good. The flow of the story is smooth and wonderful. I loved how the book proceeded and the climax was something unexpected. the language used by the author is simple and interesting. the way the author portrayed each and everything was something I loved most. The characters made by the author are strong and each of them had their own importance. each of them had a different personality, different style and perspective. Love, fun, friendship, relationship, everything is explained in a crisp way and wonderfully.

Overall, I loved the book and would recommend it to everyone.

It’s a sweet, fun and easy read.

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