Cover Reveal of book start-up from the start by Gyanesh Sahu

About the Book:

Start a Start-up from Start is an inspirational journey with tips for young and budding entrepreneurs on how to set up their startup. Knitted around the budding generation of entrepreneurs and the struggles they face. This book traces the journey of an engineering grad with no meaning in his life and how he converts his weaknesses into strength’s small-town boy who has transformed himself into the man he always inspired to become, but that is not it. IS this what he wanted? Will he have to sacrifice his friendship for it? Will love come in between his path? Has he turned the society against him? The book is not just a novel but a handbook cum guide which includes step by step processes for budding entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to build something up on his will inspire you, fill your mind with questions yet take you on a journey to rediscover yourself and when you are back, feed you with answers on a platter. It has a simple approach called the formula for success, so follow Abhimanyu’s journey to create the perfect formula.The story starts with Abhimanyu’s desire to become an entrepreneur. For which he does various tasks and makes his own formula to become an entrepreneur.
There are only 7 chapters in this novel. Each chapter has the different type of experiments and incidents. Which is following:-

  1. Accept – what you are.
  2. Become aware – Topic/project.
  3. Check – My pocket.
  4. Decide – Priorities.
  5. Estimate – My growth.
  6. Flourish – My Idea.
  7. Get – Set Go.

This process is Called “A to G” Process.

All the technical part of making the online venture successful have been covered in these 7 chapters like – Business plan, Google AdWords, Facebook advertisement campaign etc.

In every chapter, Abhimanyu goes through different situations in his life. Like his website get hacked, his business model gets rejected, rude behaviour of his father, his backlogs in engineering etc. He manages to overcome all his problems in his life. It’s the story of hope, faith, and belief. In every situation, Abhimanyu introspected himself and changed his strategy according to the situation. Not only in professional life even in personal life, he emerged as a hero by handling every relationship very meticulously.

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About the Author:

Gyanesh Sahu, a 24-year-old online entrepreneur. Born and brought up in Bhilai. Pursuing PGDM from National Insurance Academy, Pune.Apart from academic details, he is crazy about the Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbaionline world. He started his start-up while doing engineering. He worked on it approx 2 years but failed.Recently he has written a novel ” Start a Start-up from Start” based on his own experience. If you are willing to do any sort of business then you must read it.

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